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Unexpected Turn in Supermarket Parking Lot

--by ado, posted Nov 2, 2017
I encountered a very nice act of kindness from another person. I was pulling up to park my car at a supermarket, but I hadn't noticed that across from me there was a car that had been there before me and was ready to park.

I apologized to the man in the car because I didn't see him, but he insisted that I take the parkingParking space levy | Office of State Revenue spot. There was no other parking spot and he waited for one to become available and then he parked. I thanked him and apologized that I hadn't seen him and he was happy to have offered me the parking spot even though he had to wait.

He was very generous and kind. It was such a kind thing to do.
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Kixx wrote: Wow! This scenario is usually the beginning of nastiness, so i am glad it worked out peacefully in this case. Thank you for sharing!
michelelpurce wrote: That was very nice of both of you. Great job! :)
AndiCas wrote: That was a very nice thing to do. People can get very territorial about parking spaces.
mindyjourney wrote: It was indeed a very kind thing to do :)))), by both of you!
Ohiostreet wrote: Can't imagine doing life any other way...your goodness id contagious
Ohiostreet wrote: Is 😗
Mish wrote: You were both coming from a place of kind caring. Bless you both. ❤️
Rajni wrote: Thanks for your kindness and this inspiring post.
leoladyc728 wrote: glad you were on the receiving end
autumnsky38 wrote: Nice of you 😊

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