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A Stolen Bike and Help from Strangers

--by Jessica Laplante, posted Jun 2, 2007

It was a typical winter morning, just a couple of weeks before Christmas 2005: While most people were warming up their cars, my husband got up early to ride his bike the four kilometres to his job at Mr. Lube. When my husband arrived at work, he parked his bike outside the back doors as he usually does. After putting in 10 solid hours of labour, he returned to find his bike was gone–stolen. The bike, a purple kona 18 speed, was our only source of transportation. Trevor used that bike to get to both his jobs, putting in 60-hour weeks to support his young family. But the bike was not only used for work. It was also used to get groceries, saving us from having to walk long distances from where we live. I was so upset that someone would steal his bike that I wrote to the local newspaper and told them our story. They ran an article, and shortly afterwards, several people in our community offered to replace the bike. One wonderful stranger simply went out and bought a bike, then called my husband to come pick it up. Once again my husband has a way to get to and from his jobs. It realy is an honour that a complete stranger would go out of their way for someone they have never met before, all because they heard our story and wanted to help. People say that a smile is contagious, but acts ofkindness from strangers are even more so. This experience has had a rippling effect in our lives because it has restored our faith in humanity as a whole. And it has influenced my husband and I to be more mindful of ways we, too, can share with others. For example, I recently made a thank-you card for the employment centre that helped me get back into the work force after being a stay-at-home mom for 2 years. No matter how big or how small, an act of kindness tells the recipient that someone cares. And the results can be everlasting.

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beetoote wrote: Your story made me smile. Thanks.
uliatrus wrote: What a great story! A smile is worth a lot but an act of kindness cannot be measured :)
moral12 wrote: Your community was very caring and responsive to your needs. Although you no doubt wrote your letter out of frustration, a lot of good came of it. Thank you for telling your story and trying to pay-it-forward in your own way! :)
Spoonerism wrote: Hi jessica, this story was one of the first i read on ho and helped inspire me to read more and more stories! I believe we are a naturally kind race, just we have lost the habit. Experiences like yours help remind us how much other people care! Wishing you all the best from london!
Oluwole wrote: Jessica, i quite agree with you that acts of kindness, especially from, strangers is overwhelming. You feel like you are loved not only by your family but by outsiders as well. also that the world is not as bad and as harsh as we think.

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