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It Is Wheelie Hard To Reach Inside The Freezer Cabinet When You Are In Wheelchair.

--by glenystas, posted Nov 21, 2017
I was just doing my shopping, reading from my list and getting things - when I noticed a gentleman in a wheelchair looking into the freezer display just along from me. I asked if he needed assistance and reached in and got a couple of items for him. He was also looking for another item which he mentioned but it was not in the section we were at.

He thanked me for helping him and we went our separate ways, moments later I noticed the item he was looking for in a different freezer cabinet. I caught up with him and he came back to the freezer area.

He was happy that I had found the item he was wanting, we then ended up next to each other at the checkout, I left feeling I had found a friend, and he left with the items he required.
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splain wrote: Nice connection and helping
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your consideration :))). You extra kindness made a difference :)))
michelelpurce wrote: Very kind act. :) Thanks
Mish wrote: Thank you for going the "extra mile" with kindness! Bless ❤️
leoladyc728 wrote: nice helping

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