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Ripples At The Bakery

--by RoseMarie, posted Nov 27, 2017

They came into the bakery with their father. A little brother and sister; both were very respectful and receptive to the man who held the door open for them. Their upbeat "thank you's" really made an impression on me.

When I received my change, I gave each of them  £1 and explained that I was so impressed with their good manners. Their dad was not buying pastries, only bread. He allowed them to take the money.

I left the bakery and as I was coming out of another shop I bumped into them again, each carefully carrying their little treat in a little bakery bag so that it did not get damaged. They waved to me and smiled; we were now friends. As I smiled back and walked to my car I thought of their eagerness to relay this event to mum. A simple act of kindness starting with the man who held the bakery door open. Who knows where the ripples will lead.

We are here to love and serve each other and allow this positive effect to ripple through us into the lives of others. Let the kindness spread!
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Horse-friend wrote: What a nice idea! Very inspiring!
Kixx wrote: How sweet! Thank you for sharing.
splain wrote: They would have loved that Rose-Marie
Lilijourney wrote: You are a smile maker dear Rose 🌹 Marie
autumnsky38 wrote: Wonderful!
leoladyc728 wrote: I know they loved their treat. How are you doing RoseMarie?
laughingsoul wrote: What a beautiful story, I read it with moisten eyes, such a joy to imagine its ripples, thank you for sharing!
mindyjourney wrote: Such a nice treat for them :))). Thank you!
Mish wrote: Thank you for always spreading these ripples 💕💕💕
pyronik wrote: great ripples :-) I could go for a cake right now! (Except husband's in the middle of cooking dinner)

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