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Sweets and a Dozen Bananas for an Old Woman

--by Sanyogita, posted Aug 31, 2009

My mom went to the vegetable market today. It was crowded, very hot and quite chaotic.

My mom was standing next to an old women selling vegeatbles. The old woman had difficultly hearing and so people were taking advantage of this to buy vegetables from her at very low prices. She was totally at a loss since she was very old she was not in state to fight back with people.

My mom was appalled by this and said to the people buying vegetables from her "can`t you see this old woman is very confused? She can't hear very well and is not strong enough to be able to fight with you.  You are taking advantage of her.  Don't you have any kindness?"  The people didn't pay attention, they just walked away without saying anything.

My mom felt a lot of compassion for the old woman.  She asked the old woman whether she wanted anything to eat. The old woman refused.  My mom  bought some mittai (Indian sweets) and a dozen bananas for her anyway. The old woman was so happy to receive this. She hugged and kissed my mom many times and she kept on saying "thank you" over and over again.

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FairyBubbles wrote: It started as a sad story but ended with your mum's wonderful kindness. She will have made so much difference to that poor lady's life.
sethi wrote: Thank your Mom for bringing a smile on that lady's face . She will remember your mom .
grammagussie wrote:
Good for mom to defend the old women.
AURELIA wrote: I wish they could have still bought the veggies for sale but at a fair price...I hope the reconsider and come back to support the older lady. Your mom was kind to give her some things to eat. :0)... ~Aurelia

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