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Unexpected Massage Turned the Day Around

--by Abbajii, posted Jan 10, 2018
I woke up a little late for work this morning with a bit of a sore neck. I rushed around my house getting ready for my day and reached my work place in a tearing rush. I was grumpy and grouchy and just nodded to people without a smile as I rushed past my colleagues down the corridor of my office, until I met the regular security man near the lift to my office.

He gave me a warm smile, noticed me rubbing my neck, and quickly slipped behind me and proceeded to give me the most wonderful massage of my sore neck and shoulders. I was feeling very embarrassed but it felt so good! I just stood there enjoying the massage in spite of the crowd looking at both of us with amusement.

Before I could even turn around to say thank you he was busy with some other errand. The neck massage was so soothing and made my day. I can't decide if it was the warmth of his smile or the soothing massage that turned my day around, but the rest of the day was a breeze. What an amazing spontaneous act of kindness!
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Kixx wrote: Thank you for posting this! I was feeling all grumpy myself, but this is helping me feel better at work. A big hug to you, and a virtual neck massage as well!
RoseBeautyxo wrote: I wish someone would give me a massage!
drishti wrote: :)
RoseMarie wrote: An angel dressed as a security man ... I am glad you we in the moment and forgot about all your onlookers.
mindyjourney wrote: I think it was ALL that helped heal your mood <3.
Mish wrote: The Universe had your back 😋😋😋
kjoyw wrote: Sounds like many were caring for you. Had a lovely neck and scalp massage at my hair dresser's yesterday. Was so wonderfully relaxing I actually fell asleep!

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