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Making an Effort to Help Strangers

--by Rajni, posted Feb 17, 2018
I have a wonderful story about this young man, Connor. He was helping a family in front of me that was scraping pennies (literally) and only had less than $3 on their EBT card. The change was on the conveyor belt and rolled down under the counter. He tried his hardest to get them all. He asked them again how much they had left on their card (EBT), which was less than $3.

As he was counting it all out he knew they didn’t have enough. He got his own wallet out and put $2 in so they could get the few items they had. When he did it, he did it like it was no big deal.

This young man went above and beyond for this customer and I would love to see him  recognized for being an outstanding employee. What an act of selflessness and kindness to help someone less fortunate.
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FairyBubbles wrote: Truly beautiful. Xx
Kixx wrote: What a lovely spirit, this young connor. And how lucky that you were there to see it. You've inspired me immensely with your story. Thank you for sharing.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Wonderful story
lindariebel wrote: I especially admire the way he did it -- low key, not expecting rewards.
mindyjourney wrote: Bless this kind young man and the family he helped :)
scully wrote: Very awesome
Annc wrote: There are so many good and kind people in this world -- unfortunately we usually only hear the unhappy, unkind stories. Thank you for sharing this.
leoladyc728 wrote: very sweet of this man
janfour wrote: fantastic
mish wrote: Beautiful

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