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Giving And Receiving

--by ado, posted May 12, 2018
A few years ago while working as an engineer we had foreign experts come to  work on construction crews.. One of the workers was really nice and really reminded me of my grandpa. He told me that before he left, he wanted my watch.

I smiled thinking that he was kidding, but just before he left the country I gave him my watch. Another guy  I was  friendly with eyed my other watch before leaving and I was thinking to myself that I wouldl not give him the watch because I already gave my other watch.

But just as he was leaving, I took off my other watch and gave it to him. I was without a watch but when I got home I remembered that my dad had offered me a watch that I told him that I didn't need at the time, so I ended up asking him for it. I think as we give more we end up receiving even more.
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GeetS wrote: Good gesture. But need to keep an eye on exploitation too.
NURA Alfa wrote: Yeah, it's a natural principle that played out in your case: the more you give, the more you receive, dr norman vincent peale calls it the wonderful law of abundance. As you give, you automatically trigger the flow of abundance. Zigziglar ever said that "what ever you want of this world, you must first give " keep up the flow by repeating your kindness story.
Rajni wrote: “no one has ever become poor by giving. ” ― anne frank,

You did a very good job. May others get inspired to give anything when asked. Thanks for sharing.
kmbhai wrote: how great man you are ..Thanks.
pluto178 wrote: I had a similar experience with washing machine once it’s mind blowing how they flow together. X
AndiCas wrote: Loving this story.
patjos wrote: :))) Love this :)
Mish wrote: Law of attracts getting :)
mindyjourney wrote: Time after time, we are reminded that what we give we receive :)). Thank you for sharing the story and the watches!
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for giving up your watches. so kind

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