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Sneaky Kindness

--by gardengal10, posted May 21, 2018
My elderly neighbor is in Las Vegas! I'm picking up her newspapers and mail for her. I noticed that Japanese Knot Weed had shown its leaves, so I went over with herbicide.

Later, another neighbor was in her garden cutting back some things that will become overgrown if not pruned. Our elderly neighbor keeps saying that she will do these things, but we know that it's gotten beyond her abilities. It also becomes a safety issue.

As she would prefer that we didn't do it, we wait until she's away. We call it sneaky kindness.
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Lilijourney wrote: I love your sneaky kindness :))))) tis a labor of loving her in a way that honors her proud nature.
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for doing this for your neighbor. very kind of you
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for taking care of neighbor’s gardening chores, mindful of her feelings :))))
Mish wrote: I love that idea..."sneaky kindness" 👍 Bless you for caring and doing. ❤️
Subh wrote: Bless you!
DANCE wrote: Very cheeky kind :-)

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