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Treating A Veteran

--by myfbil, posted Jun 20, 2018
I saw an elderly man and his wife eating lunch. He was wearing a Korean War Veteran cap. I secretly gave the waitress a card I had made up that says: My heartfelt thanks to you, Veteran. In a world where there seems to be fewer heroes, please know that you will always be one in my eyes. From a Fellow American. I also gave her money to pay for their meal.

I overheard them say, "This made our day!" and that was all I needed to make make MY day!

I had three employees comment to me that they thought that was so nice. I hope I made enough impression so maybe they would do something similar one day.
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rak92 wrote: Very nicely done! Feels so brilliant don't it. To make someone's day by showing appreciation like you did! Excellent!
myfbil wrote: Rak92 - thank you. Yes, always brings me as much pleasure, if not more so, than the recipients.
lindariebel wrote: Thanks for reminding me to emulate you on this
1sher wrote: Lovely! Important to see others for what they have done in this life~
Mish wrote: Wonderful & so meaning-full! I love your words as well ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your thoughtful appreciation of veteran :)))
myfbil wrote: I try to remember them EVERY day. If not for them, I would not live in the world that I do live in. <3

leoladyc728 wrote: very kind of you
myfbil wrote: Thank you all for your kind words and gifts. Very much appreciated. I love helping our veterans in any way and whenever I can.

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