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Wacky Smile Dolls (with Photos!)

--by madeusmile, posted Oct 8, 2009

I decided that I wanted something fun to leave with my smile I made these crazy looking dolls... designed with no other purpose in mind but to make the finder SMILE!  Each one is different and rather wacky in his/her own right! 

Have a look at the photos below - what do you think?  If you stumbled upon one of these ladies sitting quietly, minding her own business, just waiting for the bus with a smile card attached... would you smile?

Or say you might open your desk drawer to find her there rumaging through your belongings...wouldn't you just have to smile?

The possibilities are endless!

You just never know where one of these little Wacky Ladies might show up next!  But if you see one during your travels...I hope you'll share a smile with her!

Silly, silly girls!

Today I hid one in between some rocks at a garden at a historic site.  I can't wait for someone to find her!

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jsmc10 wrote: Yes i would :) could you possibly share how you make them? Can you make them with pipe cleaners?
myfbil wrote: Smiling! :)
These are so tiny and adorable! I can't wait for instructions so i can make some myself. I have so many places in mind to leave these with a smile card. I sure wouldn't mind finding one either! Lol
Thanks for the smile.

Have a sunshine day! :)
Mary wrote: Those are absolutely the bomb! I would love running across one of those. Thanks for sharing. What a unique idea!
unknown wrote: madeusmile - you made me smile :) Not just letting us know what you did, but also the recipe and the pics ! That's a complete runaway success ! love it !
:) lovingly, deepula :)
madeusmile wrote: Thank you dove. I'll see if i can get them posted here shortly.
Dove wrote: Please share the instructions for making these adorable little dolls.
Jacinda wrote: Sorry about that link...I don't know what happened there?
Jacinda wrote: I agree with Deepula! Yes Madeusmile you sure make me smile! The dolls are soo awesome! Thanks for bringing so many smiles to Helpothers!! Keep up the fantastic work and touching many hearts with your creative ideas!
I hope you have a wonderful day! Love and smiles, Jacinda :)
madeusmile wrote: Thank y'all so much for the sweet comments! You've all brought such energy into my heart! I just love networking with such positive people! :)
shutterfly wrote: They are the cutest!!! And thank you for the instructions, I think they would make a great craft for me to do with the kids. Kudos to you...and lucky are those who find your dollies :D

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