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Sunshine Smiles in the Rain

Today it is 39 degrees and supposed to be raining. It would have been the perfect day for me to act upon my Kindness Idea.   I was the lucky winner of the December Kindness Idea's Contest on - where they give you $100 to carry out your kindness idea.   My idea was to purchase umbrellas for shelter on a rainy day and small towels to wife your face and hopefully bring a little smile into your day and hand them out to folks who find themselves caught out in the weather unprepared.    Once I received the check for $100 I ran right out and purchased umbrellas and towels. I laundered the towels and wrapped them around the umbrellas and banded them with a smile card.  I placed them them in plastic bags to protect them from moisture, dirt and grime! Then I waited on the rain!!!  Lately we’ve had plenty snow…but no rain. Yesterday the rains came! Where were the ... Read Full Story >>

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Lost License And A Bonus

When I arrived at work this morning I had an e-mail from a co-worker saying he had found someone's driver's license.  I stopped by his office and picked it up. I didn't recognize the face on the license so I e-mailed the manager of our housekeeping staff to see if it was one of our 3rd shift staff that I hadn't met.     As luck would have it, it was indeed one of his employees! So I told the manager that I would leave it in an envelope at the front desk. I would put the gentleman's name on the envelope and he could pick it up when he came to work later that night.   I quickly printed out an anonymous note thanking him for all his hard work and then stuffed $10 and a smile card - along with his license - into the envelope.     Who knows ... maybe he will treated ... Read Full Story >>

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Wacky Smile Dolls (with Photos!)

I decided that I wanted something fun to leave with my smile I made these crazy looking dolls... designed with no other purpose in mind but to make the finder SMILE!  Each one is different and rather wacky in his/her own right!  Have a look at the photos below - what do you think?  If you stumbled upon one of these ladies sitting quietly, minding her own business, just waiting for the bus with a smile card attached... would you smile? Or say you might open your desk drawer to find her there rumaging through your belongings...wouldn't you just have to smile? The possibilities are endless! You just never know where one of these little Wacky Ladies might show up next!  But if you see one during your travels...I hope you'll share a smile with her! Silly, silly girls! Today I hid one in between some rocks at a garden at a historic site.  I ... Read Full Story >>

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Dancing, Waving and Blowing a Kiss

Across the street from my office is a small café. It’s far from fancy but it has been used to film many music videos over the years – when they’re looking for a nostalgic “diner” feel; that’s the place they go!  While the food is good…my favorite treat is a waitress named, Tina.  She’s something else! Remember the TV show, “Mel’s Diner”…well she’s Vera, Flo and Alice all wrapped into one!  She’s sassy, silly and doesn't hold back!  You can’t help but like her!   She’s completely color blind when it comes to people. She either loves you or can’t stand you…but mostly…she loves! During her smoke breaks I see her out dancing on the front porch, waving and speaking to those who drive by.  She makes everyone feel special. She and I wave to one another from my second story office window.  Sometimes she dances for me to make me laugh!  I dance back…if you can call what I ... Read Full Story >>

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Finding That Positive Note

My step-son is going through an extremely difficult time in his life and is battling many personal issues.   He calls his father several times a day, often consumed by sadness and negativity, sometimes near his breaking point. Trying to be supportive and non-critical takes it's toll on us all, but we keep trying.    This morning on our drive to work I asked my husband to try ending the telephone conversation with his son by simply saying, "Now, tell me something good about today".     Some days that might be an easy thing to do, other days it may be nearly impossible. But even if the only thing he could can up with to say is, "You were there for me again today, Dad," that would at least give him something positive to focus on.    Tonight, I heard my husband say to his son, "Okay, now let's end on a positive note. Tell me ... Read Full Story >>

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A Card For A Stranger

The mother of a friend of mine was in the hospital undergoing treatment for a serious illness.  Initally, we didn't know just how serious it would be, but we soon learned that she would be hospitalized for at least 3 months before getting to go home... assuming she survived the illness and treatments.  I posted her mother's hospital room's mailing address above my desk and made sure to drop her a card or uplifting note every few days.  Sadly, her mother did not survive the treatments and passed away during her stay at the hospital.  I just couldn't bring myself to throw out her room's address.  Each time it caught my eye I would say a quick prayer for strength for those who were mourning her death.  I never even met this dear lady... but it didn't matter... she was loved by someone that I loved... and that was enough.  Her address ... Read Full Story >>

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Exercising the Kindness Muscle

Today my husband and I drove to a nearby park for our exercise.  The park has a lake with a paved path along it's edge which is about two miles long.  There are some benches dotted along the path, and approximately half a mile into our first lap, we noticed a woman's purse hanging on the back of a bench. We looked around but there was no one nearby so we opened the purse to check for identification. Although we had passed a few people during our lap, it was evident that we hadn't passed the woman in the driver's license photo. Inside the purse was her wallet, license, credit cards, car keys, etc. so we just couldn't leave the purse there in hopes that she might return.  We decided to carry it with us and hope that we would come across the owner.   After about another mile, we saw a man and woman walking hand in hand ahead of us. As we ... Read Full Story >>

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Spontaneously Helping a Family in Need

Today my husband and I passed through an intersection with a man and wife holding a sign that read: "Out of work, family hungry".  We weren't in the lane nearest them. 

We got almost all the way home when my husband said, "I should have given him a $20."

I said, "Go back, you know he'll still be there." 

We turned the car around and drove all the way back.  We handed them the money and wished them better luck.  They were really appreciative and seemed genuine in their plea. 

Please join me in praying that the find an easier path soon.



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Lost But Now Found

Saturday evening, my husband and I went to dinner at a local restaurant. As we sat there eating and sharing conversation, I watched an elderly woman stop at the opening into our area and gaze around the room. I wondered if she might be looking for the ladies room when suddenly she turned and walked in that direction.  A few moments later she walked past the same area heading to the far side of the restaurant. I thought, she must have found the restroom and now be headed back to join her party. After a couple more minutes, she appeared in the same spot… but this time, she turned and walked past our table.  I looked over at my husband and said, “She must be lost." I got up and caught up with her as she entered the bar area and touched her lightly on the shoulder.  “Ma’am, are you having trouble finding who you are dining ... Read Full Story >>

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A Small Gesture Causes A Big Smile For A Waitress

Last night my husband and I stopped by a restaurant for dinner after paying our respects to a dear friend at a nearby funeral home.  My husband went into the restroom to wash his hands and I waited at the table to place our order. 

When the waitress came to take the order, I thought I saw something drop to the floor as she pulled out her writing tablet.  She immediately asked for our order, but I waited, first saying, "I think you may have dropped something."  She and I both looked down under the table to find that she had dropped $20 from her apron pocket.  She was so grateful for me letting her know, saying that she would have had to pay the money back, at her own expense, if she came up short at the end of the evening.

She was so relieved and had such a sweet smile.  I was glad that it was at our table that it happened so she could be saved the expense.

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