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A "Food For Thought" Jar

--by BedBug, posted Oct 21, 2009

When I worked in a busy office, most of my co-workers kept jars of candy on their desks to enjoy and share with others.  Constantly battling the "bulge," I hated these temptations, but neverthless often gave in to them.  I decided to put out a jar of my own "feel good" stuff, with no calories.

I bought a beautiful jar and spent one whole weekend at home cutting up colorful strips of paper and writing down inspiring quotes.  I filled up the jar with the inspiring quotes and placed it on my desk for people to help themselves to. 

It took a while to catch on, but soon, everyone was stopping by my "food for thought" jar daily to fill up on something much better than empty calories. 

They would take one out, read it, smile knowingly, and then fold it up and replace it for the next co-worker.  It's something that never needed to be replenished unless, I saw a new quote I liked and wanted to add. 

If you work in an office environment, try this out and see how much everyone loves it.

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cinnamonhead wrote: Great idea! So many need a lift and what an easy way to do it, thanks for sharing.
Dileep wrote: Is a really cool idea that can be applied in any environment. I consult at a school and would be happy if someone could point me towards some "quotes" that could go these pieces of paper. Thanks
Nikita wrote: Thank u for sharing this brilliant idea. I am sure that many will be blessed by it.
Snickers' Mom wrote: Our office's candy jar was maintained by my good friend who unexpectedly and suddenly passed away just before christmas. We have been too devastated to replace it. I think your idea is perfect to soothe and heal our aching hearts. Thank you, more than you know!
twinkle wrote: Wow, that was a truly beautiful idea!
Marilyn J wrote: This is an awesome idea. It could be used on a table in the back of churches, in waiting rooms, many places. Depending on the location, we might want to check it occasionally for inappropriate additions someone might just toss in as a joke or a wrong intention. Thank you!
Thaata wrote: Thanks for sharing your idea. It is really wonderful and helps people to think over what they have read. It activates the thinking process and evolves the person.
S wrote: What a delightful idea, a wonderful thought! Splendid! Bless you and all of your family and friends!
jsmc10 wrote: This is an amazing idea :)
Shanti wrote: Brilliant idea! O my god it is what everybody must share.

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