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A "Food For Thought" Jar

When I worked in a busy office, most of my co-workers kept jars of candy on their desks to enjoy and share with others.  Constantly battling the "bulge," I hated these temptations, but neverthless often gave in to them.  I decided to put out a jar of my own "feel good" stuff, with no calories. I bought a beautiful jar and spent one whole weekend at home cutting up colorful strips of paper and writing down inspiring quotes.  I filled up the jar with the inspiring quotes and placed it on my desk for people to help themselves to.  It took a while to catch on, but soon, everyone was stopping by my "food for thought" jar daily to fill up on something much better than empty calories.  They would take one out, read it, smile knowingly, and then fold it up and replace it for the next co-worker.  It's something that never needed ... Read Full Story >>

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A Message That Arrived 4 Years Later, Right On Time

My teenage daughter has always taken special delight in receiving anything in the mail. She squeals with glee and rips open every envelope and package the moment she takes it in her hands. A few nights ago, when we were sorting through a basket of cards and stationery, she discovered an unopened, brightly colored envelope addressed to her, bearing a postage date of over four years ago. "What is this?" she asked, incredulous. "How did I miss this? How did it get here?" I had idea and was just as curious to see what it could have been. She opened it up and inside was a beautiful greeting card and hand-written note from a school administrator at her former middle school. The woman had written a note to my daughter in praise of how much progress she had shown with her struggle in math class, and it noted how proud she was and how much my daughter should take pride in what she ... Read Full Story >>

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"Life is Perfect Enough"

I was on vacation recently in Palm Desert, California, visiting an outdoor craft fair on a Saturday morning. Although it was early, the desert heat had set in, and the day was untypically humid. Moisture-bearing clouds had been pushed over the desert by a hurricane approaching the southern coast of Texas. While the others shopped, I grabbed an icy drink and took my refuge at a picnic table under a tent where a middle-aged Carribean man was playing guitar. As his song ended, he acknowledged me, at that point his only audience member. "How 'bout da weather?" he nodded. "It's beautiful," I responded, quick to add, "I love the heat, but I came all this way across the country to get away from the humidity, and now the desert has this! What's this all about?" He shook his head. "Everybody wanting perfect'," he said, and with a wave of his hand he brushed my unworthy comment out of the ... Read Full Story >>

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