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A Cup Of Goodness

--by sfulks1111, posted Sep 19, 2018
Today, one of our community members shared a story about hot chocolate… and it prompted an idea in my mind…. Since it so very cold here and the folks I am working with are working so very hard, I sent a note to our executive team and asked them to consider greeting folks in the lobby with a cup of hot chocolate and/or cup of coffee one morning. I told them that I wasn’t sure if the company had the funds for that but if not I was personally willing to chip in and help fund it and was hopeful the team would support me in it.

To my surprise, they thought it was a GREAT idea and we will be surprising our employees with a warm cup of goodness one morning next week!!!!! I am grateful for this community and for seeing and hearing shares that spark additional ideas and I am grateful for a leadership team that cares enough to listen and to appreciate their employees!!!!
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Rajni wrote: You did a very good job. Your thinking of others is greatly appreciated. Making world a better place to live, one act at a time.
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful that you found an idea to connect with and encourage in your own community! Wonderful cups of kindness :))).
devavani888 wrote: What a thoughtful and practical thing to do. Please update after you do it!
kimshemac wrote: My brother was stuck in his car due to weather and traffic mishaps for 5 hours on Monday. He shared his story with me....a woman who lived nearby came by with a big box store sized box of granola bars to offer to those stuck on the road. A little while later, a college aged young man came by offering cups of hot coffee and tea! Civility lives on!
deepee wrote: Good things are happening! I love it.
sandyremillar wrote: all great stories....blessings spread all over!
melnotes wrote: Well done this is awesome :)

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