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Some Problems Can Wait

--by sfulks1111, posted Sep 20, 2018
While I am in the midst of a year end crisis at work, a friend sends me a note about a potential opportunity she has and she wanted to know if I had time to chat. The first thought that popped into my head was "HECK NO... I am drowning in a major crisis!" I think I might have even put my face right into my palms.

Somewhere while I was sitting there taking deep breaths and thinking "now what", a little voice inside me was saying, "do the kind thing and call her." So, I set aside my issue, got a fresh glass of water and called my friend. She was so glad to talk through the opportunity that she was facing. She knew what to do but  she just needed someone to listen.

What I discovered was that I needed some grounding and this connection with my friend did just that. So my kindness for the day was also my gratitude. I am so thankful for my friend and so thankful to the little voice inside that said "call her, your problem will still be here when you get off the phone!" Amazingly, things seemed to be a little easier to handle after the call! 
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mindyjourney wrote: The kindness way makes for a better day :))).
Novice50 wrote: Wow - I love this example and I love the way you wrote it: My kindness for the day is also my gratitude" - so often so true.
sandyremillar wrote: You shifted energies, had feedback and voila! good results....excellent!
DotMatrix wrote: Beautiful! Kindness, mindfulness, slowing down, gratitude, self-nurturing, love! A beautiful string of gems. <3
melnotes wrote: Well done :) Im sure we have all been here in this moment and same thoughts so great that you did take the time to listen and connect with your friend :)
pluto178 wrote: You have a good handle on the way life works...........the crisis will pass............x

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