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Giving Sensory Help to a Toddler

--by Marleen, posted Oct 2, 2018
I was doing volunteer work last Saturday and noticed a couple of young families shopping for secondhand clothes. In one family was a dad  looking after their two-year-old son, while mom had room to shop. He was so relaxed and patient with his son, and the kid did not take any heed of what dad uttered at all! The toddler was totally absorbed in experiencing sound (hitting a wooden floor with his toy cars) and copying a few kids also playing nearby.

The boy's shirt was rather wet from drool and, as a sensory input specialist, I also noticed definite sensory seeking actions. I was mulling over how to address this, as I knew this kid had sensory issues and could easily be developing far better, if he got proper help.

At a point I remembered food issues fitting what I saw, so I addressed the dad. "Apologies, how is your son with food? I think he might be crammimg his mouth full before swallowing." The dad turned to me and was utterly surprised! "How do you know that?" I explained my background and at that point mom also entered the conversation.

I explained a bit about sensory issues, and how to bring the sensory threshold back in balance easier. I was allowed to show some techniques, like deep pressure on the joints of the entire body, to make their son more aware of his body.

The awesome thing was the little guy was on a toddler bike and when applying pressure to his shoulder area and hips, he made immediate eye contact, followed by a huge grin. He loved the fact he got input without needing to seek. That face is etched in my memory.

Mom and Dad were flabbergasted at how instantly this had effect on him, so I gave them a website of SI-therapists. I also mentioned that I had struggled whether to address this as first time parents get showered with unwanted advice. Mom and dad both were very receptive and thanked me for being so helpful and clear.

May this family thrive with the new knowledge, and it would be a bonus if one day I catch a glimpse of them doing awesomely! 😍💗💖
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Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job marlee, it also very politely and professionally. You never know how big difference your kindness will make in that toddler's life and his family. Thanks for sharing,
lindariebel wrote: Wow, you may have changed their lives!
kjoyw wrote: Beautiful sharing and giving....on so many levels. Bless.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for following the “nudge” to share your knowledge with the parents :)))))))
michelelpurce wrote: how great of you to notice these things. and then helping the parents and the child. great job of being aware of what is going on around you. :)
debbe530 wrote: Wow, Marleen. What a beautiful and perhaps life altering gift to this family. Well done, you. 😇
lilijourney wrote: Your intervention mattered to this child :))) We are all able to help someone, and today you helped this family :))
mish wrote: Marleen, you really stepped up to the plate there!! Awesome, awesome, awesome. 👍❤️😘😘😘

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