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Hope is "the Making of You"

--by sands, posted Nov 20, 2009

I've had a hard time for a few years now and try to write a little something most days.  All the postings I have made are my writings, so thank you to those of you that have given me such positive feedback.  Thank you for your kindness.

Here's another...penned a few minutes ago.......

Life is what it is
No matter what hardships face us…and face each and every one of us they do
Don’t be fooled that yours are harder than anyone else’s
For that’s what they believe too.
Instead feel the pain…allow yourself the tears….scream and cry…do what you have to do
But always keep a little bit of hope in your heart ….and as you begin to build your life again….that hope will be the making of you.
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Readers Comments

Sands wrote: Thank you all for your very kind comments.
jsmc10 wrote: Thank you for writing this, it is beautiful
BumMiggity wrote: You are indeed a very talented poet! I hope you come out of the darkest corner. I like how you chose to end the poem, "hope will be the making of you" -- i have more hope now! :-)
BlueByrd47 wrote: Sands~How true your words are. I am sorry to know that you are having difficulties too. But how nice of you to share your positive words of encouragement. Somehow we find comfort when we know that there is someone else who knows our hurt. God bless and keep you....
AnjuDV wrote: Dear Sands - Life is nothing but a courage to live fully...I am proud that you have not lost faith in God and still positive in your thoughts and actions. And remember, after every sad day, there is a glad day come. Keep smiling we all with you. Prayers - Anju
vsoul wrote: Your writings show that you have lots of hope and that is what matters. As long as you have faith, you will come out from the darkest corners as a winner. Sands, my very best...vibha
TheakstonCat wrote: You are a talented writer Sands. I hope you are OK and send hugs across the 'wonder-web' to you. T.Cat x

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