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Keeping Warm By Staying Kind.

--by Brad2, posted Mar 9, 2019
Yesterday was a busy day for me, or maybe I chose to make it busy, staying positive was the key. Made another appointment for physiotherapy on my injured left shoulder, surgery finally scheduled for early March, with a better, more patient attitude, with no attitude, lol.

Made breakfast sandwiches for my co-workers, with help, carefully made coffee for them. Helped the Elder at our community college by putting together cree language and syllabics posters, also while I was there, helped a student artist by helping to finish his cree language 2019 calendar, did a run of 24, with more planned, did this for free because I was a student once.

Made oven bannock for two elders for their supper, sat with a small family who a lost their brother to this cold spell, helped with soup and bannock there and listening to their stories, they really loved him.

Today, I made more food for them, waiting for pick up at the moment.... also during lunch, went to our soup kitchen, someone had donated office furniture and a fax machine to them, they moved the furniture and I showed their techie how to re hook up everything, set up fax, reset and re boot network, stayed around to make sure everything was up and running and had a nice bowl of soup, with seconds, lol...made the techie there the 'administrator 3rd class' he monitors maintenance and minor fixes, he went to one knee, I got my laser pointer/magnetic extender, tapped him on both shoulders, like on those Excalibur movies, made everyone laugh...
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DANCE wrote: Thank you for all you do
mindyjourney wrote: “administrator 3rd class” :)))). I can just picture it! Thank you for all you do to help, encourage and support your community, my friend. Your life is your message.
Annc wrote: Wow! You are a whirlwind of kindness! Thank you
kjoyw wrote: You are so amazing. You truly walk the walk of Kindness. Blessed be. 🙏
Mish wrote: You are one of the Earth Angel Helpers. Bless ❤️
unknown wrote: 😇

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