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Keeping Warm By Staying Kind.

Yesterday was a busy day for me, or maybe I chose to make it busy, staying positive was the key. Made another appointment for physiotherapy on my injured left shoulder, surgery finally scheduled for early March, with a better, more patient attitude, with no attitude, lol. Made breakfast sandwiches for my co-workers, with help, carefully made coffee for them. Helped the Elder at our community college by putting together cree language and syllabics posters, also while I was there, helped a student artist by helping to finish his cree language 2019 calendar, did a run of 24, with more planned, did this for free because I was a student once. Made oven bannock for two elders for their supper, sat with a small family who a lost their brother to this cold spell, helped with soup and bannock there and listening to their stories, they really loved him. Today, I made more food ... Read Full Story >>

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Positive Force for Peace

The weather was a nice -2 C yesterday.
So I made the most of this opportunity by repairing and putting up some poly on windows for an elder who had been getting sick because of broken windows. That way, she will not get sick again, I hope.

This week, I made her and another elder some fresh bannock for their supper.

I also spent some time visiting and helping to carry around twin girls, 2 months old, so cute.

Then, I went to go help another family at a wake. This is part of what I do, being there for those who lost a family member - I think it's important.

In other actions, I helped carry groceries for an elder to her vehicle, made food to surprise others, helped visitors to my community, fed neighbor's dogs when they weren't home for 3 days. Just generally, I went around being a positive force and energy for others...for peace.

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Working For My Community To Make It A Better Place

I haven't posted that much recently, but have done on average 10-12 random acts of kindness per day since my last post. I don't post because I made a promise to God to do something about the gang problem in my community. Once almost overrun by gangs and listed as a dangerous community, I have spent a lot of time walking, visiting, helping others when it mattered, in creating peace, for my community. Slowly, day by day, my community is healing, because I've kept my promise to God. I believe in God, he saved me during a dark time in my life. Now I do his work, for peace. But this is sort of why I'm posting today. It snowed last night, then a freezing rain, covering everything with a thin film of ice, including the highways, creating an emergency situation. Going to the store to check my lottery tickets, I had difficulty ... Read Full Story >>

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Rural Chef Makes Food For Neighbors and Essential Workers

Last night, I made a giant Taco Pizza, or if anyone is familiar with Indian (NDN) Tacos, that is what I made. A giant NDN Taco Pizza with Caesar salad and fed my neighbours and security personnel with it. Boy were they ever surprised. This was a part of my showing appreciation for security that has been keeping my community safe during a lockdown these past two weeks. And just letting others know much I care for them. Breakfast sandwiches in the mornings from the breakfast menu, anything delicious from supper menu to share, free at no cost.

Now considering delivering to others, like health care workers, ambulance, and the police next few days. I've been seeing posts about the chefs in major cities doing this, joined them to feed people here. I haven't been posting as much since it's between me and God and the ones I am feeding. So doing this in secret. Let's keep this between us. (jk) lol. Have a good day! Peace. 

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One Man Parade

One Man Parade: The Sequel - I saw an excellent post by lewski about a one man parade and realized that I didn't take a picture yesterday when I did my parade.

I made four more oven bannock and went to deliver them to elders and families in need. One bannock to an elder, with short rib and tomato macaroni soup, another to family of four short rib dinner with a bannock, the other bannock to another family for their dinner.

Last one for me to share with my neighbours. Overall, a good day to do my deliveries in my Spiderman mask to cheer up the kids on my parade. Got a lot of waves and cheers again, like yesterday, So I had a friend take my picture, along with my message of hope.................peace.

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Smelling Like Smoke

A grassfire tore through my community with the aid of 50 - 60 kmph winds. Officers helped by going door to door to fight the fire until the fire department arrived. I got involved when it breached a fire trail and started for some houses, one belonging to my nephew and his family. I arrived just in time to put out this fire that started right beside his house. Moving old furniture aside, I found an old bedsheet and dunked it in a puddle and used it to put out the fire. I was glad to save my grandkids, who each gave me a big hug, my reward. It was a very busy 20 minutes, directing fire crews to the right locations, getting dirty, and getting right in there to help. I am glad no one got hurt.


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Food from the Past

I found a menu from my old restaurant while cleaning and disinfecting my house. I have decided to cook one dish from my menu everyday, and to offer the extra to families in our neighbrohood. The first dish was a huge pepperoni, green peppers, extra extra cheese, stuffed garlic bread crust was delicious! I went to go do a surprise delivery for a family. Boy, were they ever surprised:). I'm going to make a sheppards pie today, and maybe my deep dish lasagna tomorrow, which is something that my late wife used to love<3. Perhaps more bread for families, too. Be safe everyone and have a wonderful day. Peace to all.

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Paying It Forward!

Hello my fellow Kndspringers,

I got something totally unexpected from one of my FB friends and her family this afternoon. You all know how generous I can be, catering and cooking delicious meals for elders and those hungry. Well, my stove broke down on Saturday, leaving me with no stove and people phoning  me for pizza.

My friends found out about this and found a free one for me today. They delivered it to my house this afternoon. I was caught completely off guard, due to shoulder injury, and they carried it into my house. All she said was "You do so much for others and help so many people, it ia the least that I can do, I'm just paying it forward..."

Wow, on the other side for a change, this must be how it feels when I do this for I know.....Peace

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Quarantine as Kindness

I am currently in isolation after having close contact with someone who tested positive for the UK Variant of Covid-19. I'm on day nine of fourteen and counting down the days until I can get cleared to go back to work. 

Choosing to stay home this entire time and not add to the problem, should I have this virus, is the best kindness that I can think of right now. I have my guitar, piano, books and art supplies to keep me busy, plus, movies and sports on TV. I tested negative on my last test, two days ago.

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Right Place At The Right Time

Yesterday, I saw someone start having a seizure as he was crossing a cross walk. Recognizing his situation, as my late wife used to suffer from siezures, I sprung into action. With my one good arm, I dragged him off the highway to a safer location. I pulled with my legs. Once there, I kept talking to him, keeping him in the moment, held his hand, told him to keep squeezing it, and asking questions to keep him cognizant. Others came running up to let me know they called the ambulance. Once they got there, I knew he was safe and left the scene after relaying important information. Lucky my training allowed me to do the right thing at the right time.

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Lining Up in Memory of Schoolchildren

The people in these cars lined up to pay their respects for the 215 First Nation children whose remains were discovered under the grounds of the Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia, Canada recently. Thousands of vehicles slowly passed the T'kemlups te Secwe'pemc pow-wow grounds, which is near the residential school.

It has been difficult and heartbreaking, as I am a survivor of the system as well. Yet it is very inspiring to see that this news has touched the hearts of so many because so many children never made it home from this place. Your prayers are helpful and appreciated, thank you.

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Christmas - The Santalorian-Style

I've been busy getting ready for my gift giveaway coming up next week, being kind to others, elders, single families and anyone in need, because ... this is the way.

Some got new winter jackets and winter boots, others got lunch and supper. Generally acting with my usual kind force of nature, making a difference to all I could.

I even got "The Elder" treatment from some young children, 7-year-olds, holding a door open for me and carrying gifts that I was dropping off - my Little Santalorian helpers, so kind of them to do that for me.

Spent time with my great-granddaughter yesterday. Quality time, I like to call it. Still have more gifts and presents to get, checking my list, checking to see who's been naughty or nice, but not being judgemental, everyone will get something.

Hope all of you are doing well and as usual. Peace

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Serving During Heat Wave

We're currently under a heatwave around here, spent the past few days going around helping others.

A family of six that were under quarantine, in need of food called me, I then made quite a few calls to make sure they got food, plus milk and pampers for their baby, and delivered more food for them afterward.

Made fried bread for some elders, took food care packages to several single families, made fried bannock cheeseburgers to feed those hungry. Got a bunch of freezies and went around giving them to whoever needed one to keep them cool, and this inspired others to do the same yesterday as well, glad for that.

Took water to several pets who really needed water and made sure they were moved to the shade to keep cool. Been a scorching past few days, but making sure those in need are taken care of. Peace everyone.

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A Special Day in Canada

Good afternoon everyone, today is Canada Day here, but this year it has a more somber tone, with millions of Canadians showing support for their indigenous peoples by wearing orange and marching beside us.

As a survivor of the residential school system, this is very heartwarming to see. A photo of downtown Toronto, there are many marches going on right now everywhere in Canada with the crowds chanting "every child matters" for all the children who never made it home from the residential schools.

Yet, as I write this, I want to express my deep gratitude to those who helped the children who did make it through and to those who have made change for the better possible. Thank you!

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92nd Birthday Meal

Hope you are all doing well today and spending Quality time with those you Love and Love you in turn.

I'm still on my healthy diet and continuing to share with those less fortunate. Two days ago, I heard an Elder was having her 92nd birthday. So I prepared a large order of sweet'n sour ribs with a batch of chicken fried rice and took a plate for her, with fresh garlic bread and salad, with bottled water. I found her playing bingo at our local hall and sang Happy Birthday for her in front of the entire hall, and some even joined in.

Fed two more elders and found two youngsters who had no lunch at their jobs, twenty somethings Gen Zs who thought no one was paying attention to them, boy were they ever hungry.

Prepared memorial cards for one family and helped another family grieve and plan on dropping off more food for their wake.

Being involved in my community takes a lot of my time, but I feel it is important to be there for them, when it matters, that's what friends do. Trying to inspire more in my community to eat more healthy by one bite at a time, plate by plate..... peace.

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Thank You

Thank you, my kind friends for your words of support and for being The Community Member of The Week. Glad to be back.

It snowed yesterday here in Maskwacis, but in true Alberta weather, The Sun was shining 20 mins later. So I took the opportunity to make a big pot of Turkey, vegetable and rice soup and fed my neighbours and anyone who needed a nice hot bowl of soup, along with fresh made bannock.

Vegetables included were: carrots, celery, onions, onions greens, garlic, cucumber, zucchini, kale plus the chicken in kfc spice mix which made for a delicious soup after putting in vegetable stock and coconut milk. Got quite a few compliments.

Might make Japaese Village stir fry with stuffed Bell Peppers next. Really trying to incorporate kind acts with my new healthier diet.
Thank you for reading my post and hope you have a good day today....peace.

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