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What if Jesus were Homeless?

--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 21, 2019
Near the front entrance of San Antonio’s St. Mary’s Church is a sculpture of the “homeless Jesus,” lying on park bench. His wounded feet stick out of the thin tattered blanket covering Him.

It touched me so, especially with the homeless scattered about the area, clearly discouraged from entering the Riverwalk, but free to roam the downtown, asking for alms.

So, that night, I assembled a meal from the items for sale at the convenience store. Made and colored a card to glad  coloring/craft supplies travel with me!

Before we left the hotel for the next portion of our journey, I placed the bag of food onto the sculpture bench, at the feet of “homeless Jesus,” along with my prayers.

When we drove out of the parking garage a few minutes later, noticed that the bag was already gone.

🙏 Bless those who are homeless, poor and hungry. May they have shelter and enough to ease their wants. Grant them Peace and comfort. For in the least of us, is our own Divinity.

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pluto178 wrote: So like you to feel first and then act on it. We all feel for the homeless but to ‘do’ something makes all the difference thank you for helping them xxx
Christine88 wrote: That is such a beautiful story. You are so kind to think to do that.
sandra wrote: Mindy it seems that many who have commented already know you. I don't, but i do know your kindness is blessed by not only the homeless that you helped, but the lord blesses you also
gardengal10 wrote: Thanks, Mindy. You always come up with a thoughtful idea.
Mish wrote: Thank you for caring & sharing, my twinner. Prayers for all who are homeless 🙏
Drjoybug wrote: 😄💕
Melnotes wrote: Thoughtful and kind Mindy :)
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for all you do
michelelpurce wrote: what a beautiful share ! :) of course you had the coloring supplies that you needed. I think you have the kindest magic bag that has endless things in it. :)
Mitalichawla wrote: Great going mindy..

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