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Doctor Gives Kindness Treatment

--by Rajni, posted Apr 2, 2019

Tuesday morning my 5 year old woke up and his eye was extremely swollen and red. Like really bad.

I took him to urgent care up the road and after being examined the doctor, she was very concerned. They prescribed antibiotics but said I needed to take him to the ophthalmologist right away. The one in my town didn’t have any same day appointments but they were able to get me into one about 45 min away.

I was already holding back tears because I was scared for my son. My gas tank was on E and I don’t get paid until the 3rd. I completely lost it and told the nurse what was going on. I said I had to call some people and ask to borrow some gas money but I would get him there somehow.

A minute later the doctor came in and handed me 20$ so we could get to the appointment. It was just so touching.

I'm going to bring her a card with the 20$ on the 3rd. She never said I needed to pay her back but I just want her to know how much the kindness she showed meant to me.

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DANCE wrote: Such kind people are a gift to communities
Paula K. wrote: That doctor is really a wonderful/caring person. You could maybe even pay her back in a way by recommending her to someone looking for a new doctor! I hope your son's eye is better!
Christine88 wrote: That is such a beautiful story. People bless us when we need it the most. Lately, people being short (myself included) on vehicle gas is frequent. I have told myself that i want to help people with that when i receive my financial blessing that i am expecting any day. God bless the doctor and most importantly, i hope your son is ok! God bless you.
ado wrote: Very kind of the doctor. Just what was needed at the time.
Mish wrote: Beautiful kindness
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful the dr stepped up with the needed kindness :).
lindariebel wrote: I hope your son is ok.
Rajni wrote: Article is posted from SunnySkyz by A friend. It is his son.
michelelpurce wrote: what a touching story. she is definitely a doctor who feels for people. how is your sons eyes?

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