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For the Win!

--by mindyjourney, posted Apr 13, 2019

“Hello! How’d you survive the snowstorm?” greeted Shelly, as she began to ring up my grocery purchases.

We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we exchanged stories about our winters, the height of snow on our roofs, how we’ve been keeping sane, how MisterM and I should’ve stayed in Texas and Mexico a little longer :)).

Usually, I gift the cashiers their favorite bar, but this time…

“Could you pick me out a lottery ticket?” I asked Shelly.

“Any particular one?”
“You decide.” I replied.

After I paid for everything, I pushed the lottery ticket towards her, “This is for you, if you are able to receive it.”

Shelly got this shocked look on her face (it was one of those $5 tickets) and said, “I didn’t think this was for me!”

I smiled and requested, “If you win, how about taking me out for lunch?”

That’s the funny thing about kindness, I already feel like a winner, lunch or not! And I’m pretty sure Shelly did too :)).

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leoladyc728 wrote: such a nice gesture
drjoybug wrote: Very nice 👍👍
michelelpurce wrote: so very true! and you are a winner every day with all you kindnesses. :)
Mish wrote: I like asking folks if they will receive 👍

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