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--by smilinghearts, posted May 9, 2019
I did something that I have always wanted to do today: saw one of those bumper stickers that said, “How’s my driving?”, and I called a stunned person that the driver was doing a careful and courteous job of driving. I would bet that is the only positive call that they have ever gotten.  Really felt good to give kudos to the driver. Lots of warm fuzzies! 
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satwinder wrote: Wonderful short story! I loved it.
We are so quick in fault finding and find it so hard to take a moment and praise someone.
You reminded me of that human flaw which we all default back to! Fault finding / complaining about what broke or not not working and on and on.

What you have done is truly humane and compassionate. God bless you!
Annc wrote: very nice. Taking the time to "catch someone doing good" is a true gift.
mindyjourney wrote: Tx for going out of your way to do! :))
petroskryf wrote: I love this! Good to hear the driver did a good job. In my part of the world the truck drivers are sometimes pretty reckless.
Rajni wrote: The joy he/she got after your positive call can not be measured. The ripples it will make will just go on not only making someone's day but may be life. Seed of self confidence you planted in him/her will yield good fruits. Thanks for sharing.
ado wrote: Very kind. I always wondered what kind of calls they get. A positive call is definitely welcome.
Mish wrote: Spot on👍

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