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Returned To Pay Extra

--by ado, posted May 14, 2019
We visited a tourist area and there were some locals who sold local products. We bought some things from a nice lady and it turned out that she really reduced the price for us. I tried buying something similar from another local and I realized how much the first lady reduced the price for us. She was also really pleasant.

I felt that it is important to go back and pay her more than we had paid her originally. When I gave her a the difference between what she had charged and a reasonable price, she was so confused. She looked at me in shock and was speechless. I told her that she gave us a really good price and I wanted her to take the extra money. I left her and she was still in shock looking at the money I handed her. I hope that it was a good feeling of shock not a bad one!
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Mish wrote: That was such a beautiful thing to do, Ado. I am sure she was deeply touched by your kind act. ❤️ Bless.
kmbhai wrote: you deserve for thanks ..
mindyjourney wrote: Smiling 😊 , thinking of her suprise at your extra :)))). Well done, dear Ado.
leoladyc728 wrote: ty for doing this
petroskryf wrote: Not many many will do this, thank you for being so kind. 🌺
lewski711 wrote: I love that you did this for her. She gave you kindness and then you returned it. :)

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