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The Universe Provides Us With What We Need

--by marruda2, posted Jan 5, 2010

Last night, I was about to pull out of the parking lot at the dojo where I study Aikido when I noticed a hitchhiker who was having no luck getting a ride.  I know that picking up a hitchhiker can be a dangerous endeavor but I have a hard time not doing so, as they may have a sincere need to reach their destination.  I rolled down my window and beckoned the man to my car.  I asked him where he was heading and he told me that he needed a ride to his doctors office which closed in 15 minutes.  I told him to hop in and he gratefully obliged. 

Once he got in he continued with his story, telling me that the person who was supposed to give him a ride had a stroke earlier in the day (maybe I'm just gullible but he seemed sincere).  He continued to tell me that he is a fisherman and goes out to sea for weeks at a time.  He takes medication for his nerves and needed to get another prescription before he left on the boat.  Without this medication, he told me, it would be impossible for him to work.  He said that he had prayed someone would stop for him and then went on to pray once again that we would make it to the doctor's office before it closed. 

With some quick driving we managed to make it there in about 10 minutes.  I asked him how he planned on getting back home and he said he could walk.  WALK I thought, it took us 10 minutes to get there doing 70mph!!!  I told him I would wait for him and bring him back.  He thanked me and said he should only be about 15 minutes.

Shortly after, he came back to the car and told me that the doctor was still with other patients and it was going to take awhile longer.  I told him that I was going to grab a coffee while I waited and asked him if he would like one.  At first he refused but with a little coaxing I got him to accept.  It ended up taking about 45 minutes at the doctor's office (turns out we had a bit more time than expected :D ). 

Afterwards he got back in my car and tried his hardest to pay me back: offering me dinner, gas money, even offering to ship me 40lbs of scollops!  I politely refused, gave him a smile card and asked him to help someone else the next time he had a chance.  I drove him back to where I had picked him up, we said our good byes, and after one more thank you he was on his way.

While I'm not religious, I am a spiritual person.  I feel that the universe or God or what ever you may call it always provides us with what we need.  In his case it was a ride, in mine the opportunity to help someone else.

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jsmc10 wrote: I am not religious either, i sometimes worry that when i carry out acts, the people may think there is some religion behind it and be put off, i am not atheist either and completely respect people who have religion so this is no way against them :) thank you for being there for this man :)
xinchengyin wrote: I am sure your kind deed will make a difference to the upcoming world.
luckyman wrote: Very neat. God did put him in your path. You care for others and that is true religion.

May god guide you always dear friend

From india with love.
Lokesh verma wrote: Its good to read such a nice event. You have great power. God bless you.
mynona wrote: WOW, wish there were more people like you in this world, proactive and generous. Great Job!
marruda2 wrote: Thank you for your kind comments. :D
sethi wrote: You helped another being and showed compassion , that by itself is a noble thing to do . You brought a smile on your friends face . I am sure he will take it forward . Thanks for your kindness .

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