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How Can The Small ...

--by horse-friend, posted Aug 26, 2019
How can the small growth of plants change perspectives?

Going into the urban gardening project yesterday I intended to take photos to share with you. Being in the garden I again completely forgot.

Here are some actions I did yesterday:
Watering community plants:the raspberries, tomato’s,  paprika, grass, plum trees, apple trees
unweeding: raspberries 
Put some support branches under the loaded plum tree branches

community square: watering: tomato’s 1 & 2, paprica, zucchini, pumpkins, , newly planted fennel,

my appreciation for the value of one tomato, one apple, one carrot has increased immensely doing gardening. How valuable it would be for children to experience that! 

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Ode2Joy wrote: What a mission of love for others and for nature. Thank you for the pictues too! Those tomatoes look scrumptious.
Mish wrote: Gratitude for the bounty of nature 🙏
dotmatrix wrote: Garden kindness. My daughter is teaching my granddaughters. We had a garden when she was little, but only those little tomatoes. Our yard was tiny. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: Nature is such a miracle! thank you for the appreciation and support :)
kjoyw wrote: Lovely caring for your garden!
horse-friend wrote: Thanks a lot for commenting! :-)

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