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💐 Encouraging Creativity

--by mindyjourney, posted Aug 27, 2019
Not being close to a town encourages me to be more creative with my gift giving!

I recycled some glass bottles (goo-gone the labels off), and then decorated them with stickers (compliments of Rajni), used cloth scraps as ribbons and then...the BEST part...meandered thru our meadow and picked bouquets of wildflowers.

One for sis and BIL (their 52 anniversary is today!) and the other for a niece who gifted me with the most lovely dove ornament from her recent vacay. 🕊

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Ode2Joy wrote: Great idea! Thanks for making the world a little brighter!
Rajni wrote: Where there is love, beauty blooms.

Mother nature is playing her part around your cabin hOMe with ingredients for beautiful creation.

Your Love for mother earth shows in recycled glass bottles. It definitely will inspire others to follow suit.
Mish wrote: These look delightful, twinnie! Unique & created with love...what could be better.👍👍
Drjoybug wrote: 💐💐
SissyLee wrote: Those are lovely!
DANCE wrote: Gorgeous!!!! Thank you for being always generous
petroskryf wrote: This is so creative and beautiful! 🥰
RoseMarie wrote: Beauty and creative. I would love that as a gift x
dandeliongirl wrote: wow. beautiful !

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