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Good Neighbors

--by gardengal10, posted Aug 18, 2019
Elderly neighbor's 90th birthday was Monday. She is becoming more in need of help, but doesn't want it. Gardenguy mows her grass weekly.

Over the weekend, her 80 year old friend and her other neighbor joined forces to help clean and de-clutter part of her house, She did a lot of protesting, but elderly neighbor later told me that the kitchen hadn't looked that good in years. Blessings to good friends and neighbors.
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Mish wrote: It takes a village. Bless.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you, Gardenguy and all the kind neighbors :)))). What a beautiful way to express caring!
kjoyw wrote: This can be a tough situation, but sounds like many are helping make things work more smoothly for her. Blessings for their help. Getting past some of the protesting is always the hardest, for me anyway. Like Mish takes a village!

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