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Better Than Strawberries

--by gardengal10, posted Sep 6, 2019
The cleaning ladies that my market friend uses were at her house when I went to pick her up this morning. They asked her to purchase some strawberries for them. This time if year is so past strawberry season. She didn't ask them if they had a 'Plan B' should there not be strawberries. Instead, at the market, she purchased a small container of cherries, blueberries and a darling bouquet dubbed "Gumball Bouquet" (just picture the contents of a gumball machine). She was going to let them pick an item in place of the strawberries that they weren't going to get. Kindness was in the air this morning.
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Mish wrote: That’s so lovely👍💕
mindyjourney wrote: Love that gumball bouquet resourcefulness :))))
LipiZzan wrote: Creative kindness ❣️ gumball bouquet
DotMatrix wrote: Nice.

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