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Sharing Kindness ..

--by kmbhai, posted Sep 6, 2019
Today's morning, a friend called me on my phone for help in finding blood. His friend's wife is admitted in hospital and doctor has prescribed her for urgent need of 2 unit blood. I did some calls to my other friends and managed donor cards for 2 unit blood. The patient's family was very to got blood. and they said thanks..

Sharing kindness is sharing happiness !!

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pelican wrote: Thank you!
Rajni wrote: Kmbhai, you gave a valid reason to praise the phone. The general view of public is that most people misuse it. Thanks for your help to save one life. You did a wonderful job.
Mish wrote: You are a life-saver! Bless you all. 🙏
TC wrote: A life saving act of kindness. Well done.
drjoybug wrote: god bless you, your friends and the wife in need.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for helping friend receive the lifesaving blood his wife needed! ❤️ 🕊
dotmatrix wrote: Grateful your friend got the blood they needed. ♥.
pluto178 wrote: Goodness the need a system there thank goodness you were able to help but what a responsibility x
kjoyw wrote: Truly Life-Saving Kindness! Thank you.
DANCE wrote: Thank you!

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