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Here Or There, Kindness Opportunities Everywhere

--by DANCE, posted Sep 6, 2019
I had my first morning free in 2 weeks, 12 hour days so very tired! I had to go shopping to get the food, have 3 hungry students at home :-) but I decided to take a break and stop at the local Café. I enjoyed my latte and sweet treat more than ever! The waitresses were so lovely, all young ladies. My coffee was quite cold so I had to ask to heat it. They wanted to make a new one, I explained it was not necessary but they insisted so I let them be kind :-)
On my way back, I took the bus, tired and with many heavy bags. When I sat I realised I had not greeted the bus driver. I always make the extra effort as hardly anyone talks to them. So there I was thinking...'oh no, how silly of me...I was not kind...' and at that moment, the bus had stopped, and two elderly ladies got on. My thoughts changed very quickly to 'ohhh, here it is, there are always opportunities for kindness...'. One of them gratefully accepted my seat :-)
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kjoyw wrote: Many, many kindnesses! So wonderful that is always another one right around the corner.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you, dear Dance, for finally. taking some time to treat self :))) and for being deLIGHTfully kind you :))))
Mish wrote: You have a very strong kindness consciousnesses, Dance. You are a beautiful soul. Bless.
gardengal10 wrote: there's always another opportunity. Good for you for filling the need.

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