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A New KInd of Bargaining

--by horse-friend, posted Oct 4, 2019
I happened upon a flea market today and even had enough time to walk through it. Most things did not catch my interest until I saw this coat. I asked for the price, figuring it to be around 35€.

The lady said, "5€,"
to which I replied,  "really!‘ 
She asked if it was too much.
"No, too little," I replied.
I tried it on and even thought it was a tad large, I just loved it and gave her 10€ and said, "I would feel bad giving you less."

Kindspring and small acts of Kindness have changed me. My relationship to money has changed. It felt so good to be able to offer her what I did. Whenever I wear the coat I will remember this and who I've become.

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Readers Comments

alisahowie wrote: How generous and kind that was. 💞
Christine88 wrote: Beautiful story.
ado wrote: This is a very rare thing to do this way, I but I am someone who would do the same as you. It is a very kind thing to do and comes from a giving spirit. I like it.
TheHuman wrote: Wow wow what a Great Thing!!! You are Incredibly Fantastic and Amazing!!!
Mish wrote: Kind-hearted & generous spirit. Bravo 👏🏻
smilinghearts wrote: Money doesn’t mean much if your needs are met. IMHO it’s the smallest RAOK, but if someone else has almost nothing it is significant. Thanks. BTW—nice warm jacket. 😊
mindyjourney wrote: You gave what you thought was fair and that, my friend is a beautiful kindness :)
DANCE wrote: Kind of you to be generous, enjoy it!
horse-friend wrote: Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. Kindspring has made me aware how wealth is created by giving. I do not have to. Hold on with a tide grip to what i have, little or not.
kjoyw wrote: Beautiful kindness, indeed!

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