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Morning Newspaper Delivery

--by Ode2Joy, posted Oct 16, 2019
On the bottom floor of my building lives an elderly active lady.

She makes prayer quilts for others, which have brought safety, comfort, and healing to others. She also made one for me because of my back problems. She saves the tabs of aluminum  cans to give to an organization that can earn money from them.

When she walks, she looks like she is in pain. She has severe upper back scoliosis, which makes one shoulder much lower than the other. It hurts me to watch her walk.

In the past, our elevator has been known to stop between floors, so she walks up a flight of stairs. I live by the front door of our building at the entrance. In the morning, I take her newspaper down to her and hang it on her door knob for her.

I don't always do it if I sleep late or have to go somewhere, but it is a little thing I do to help out.

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Rajni wrote: Along with the kindness you do to deliver morning news paper, you are getting free exercise too. Thanks for posting.
Christine88 wrote: That is so sweet of you.
montseleon77 wrote: A bit is a bit and sometimes is a huge bit for someone else. Well done!
pluto178 wrote: Curvature of the spine is so very difficult but if she is elderly it will have stopped shifting and be more settled so she will likely be used to sister has this problem and was lucky it stopped shifting in her teens thank God.........many of us have this without ever realising......she will appreciate your help though and sounds like she deserves it too after all she does for others. X
Mish wrote: Thank you for caring & helping. Bless.❤️
DANCE wrote: That is so kind of you, thank you!
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for doing that extra bit of kindness for your dear neighbor! What a kind Light you both are :)))

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