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Offering A Tender Coconut To A Security Guard

--by aarthykarty, posted Nov 12, 2019
It was a hot afternoon in Chennai, India and we wanted to have tender coconut water.

Just as we were drinking it, I noticed a security guard who was working hard in the sun helping people to park their cars.

As I went up to pay, I paid an extra amount for the security person to have some, too, as he was exhausted like us.

It made me feel happy to be able to gift him nice, cool coconut water on a hot Chennai day.
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RoseMarie wrote: Bless you x
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for providing coconut treat for the hard-working security guard! :)))
Mish wrote: Kind & caring act of giving. Bless. 🙏
smilinghearts wrote: Compassion.😊🙏🏼☮️
DANCE wrote: Thank you

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