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A Very Simple Celebration

--by kmbhai, posted Nov 24, 2019
A very simple celebration!

I celebrated my birthday with a tea shop's worker and his wife. Both of them work at the tea stall. They don't have any children. I just sat with them and asked them, what would they like to eat? They smiled and didn't ask for anything. They told me "just spend some time with us."

After half hour, I again asked them to eat something, but they didn't ask for anything. When I forced them and said I want to give you a party, his wife smiled and said, "just bring an apple." I was surprised and asked "an apple, why only an apple? I can bring ten pieces." She replied very politely, "please bring only an apple."

I went to the market and bought an apple and gave it to her. She divided it in three parts and gave one part to me and one part to her husband and one for herself and said" let's celebrate." We were eating apple and laughing to see each other. After a few minutes, she said, "we eat every day; we can also buy things from market. But we can't buy you. So please spend some quality time with us. Your company gives us great pleasure, and that would be memorable party for us."


It touched my heart and filled my eyes with tears. I spent more than an hour with them and we chatted so much and had so many laughs and enjoyment. They also made a special tea for me and lots of good memories.

At night, one of my dear friends invited me to his home and gifted me a pollution free air balloon with two toffees. We all gathered with his children in an open area for celebration. I released the balloon and it flew into the sky, the children started singing "happy birthday, happy birthday.." And after that we all watched a movie (The Lion King) in the hall. It was a very entertaining movie, full of comedy and action. We all enjoyed it.

It was very simple celebration. I didn't spend too much money. But it was very special and touched my heart.

Thanks to all for their kind love and blessings...

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montseleon77 wrote: Lovely way of celebrating your birthday.
Rajni wrote: Buying one apple on lady's request makes her feel important. You did very good job, kmbhai.
Mish wrote: What a truly LOVEly way to share your Birthday with others, dear Kmbhai. Beautiful, just like you are. Big hugs. ❤️
Drjoybug wrote: What a wonderful way to share your really are such a caring person that you are amazing.
mindyjourney wrote: So glad you were able to celebrate in the simple loving ways that mean much, my friend 😊. Those are indeed, priceless! Haven’t seen the new Lion King yet, on my list :)))
DANCE wrote: This kind of 'simple' is wonderful and kind

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