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Positive Force for Peace

--by Brad2, posted Jan 21, 2020
The weather was a nice -2 C yesterday.
So I made the most of this opportunity by repairing and putting up some poly on windows for an elder who had been getting sick because of broken windows. That way, she will not get sick again, I hope.

This week, I made her and another elder some fresh bannock for their supper.

I also spent some time visiting and helping to carry around twin girls, 2 months old, so cute.

Then, I went to go help another family at a wake. This is part of what I do, being there for those who lost a family member - I think it's important.

In other actions, I helped carry groceries for an elder to her vehicle, made food to surprise others, helped visitors to my community, fed neighbor's dogs when they weren't home for 3 days. Just generally, I went around being a positive force and energy for others...for peace.
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Cabbage wrote: Thank you for being a kindness rockstar!
lindariebel wrote: Sending you a thousand wow bucks!
(i just made that up).
olivierchhu wrote: Great service to others, I feel a lot of positivity from behind the screen :)
Mish wrote: You are a beautiful soul, Brad. ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Thank YOU for being such a positive force for good, my friend :)))). There are just so many ways to be of service when open to the LOVE that connects us all.
michelelpurce wrote: what a wonderful person you are. helping others ! thanks for being that kind person. :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Thanks for caring and putting that into action!
dotmatrix wrote: You are a kindness warrior. Peace. ♥.

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