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Unexpected Surprises

--by Helenconnell2, posted Jan 22, 2020
Two wonderful acts of kindness this week to share.

My husband lost his phone and I rang it. He had dropped it on a train. Someone found it and sent me a text that they were going to hand it in at the first stop on the route. We collected it yesterday and
so grateful that it turned up.

The other was a friend of my daughter (who is still struggling) turned up at our house and took her to the airport to watch the planes to land and take off. She was smiling when she came home. x
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Readers Comments

scully wrote: Glad you got the phone back, and were able to help out your friend..planes are fun to watch
mindyjourney wrote: Very kind of person to turn the phone in :))). And what a lovely thing to do ... watch the planes. Continued prayers and thoughts for your daughter 🙏.
gardengal10 wrote: Two good results in your day. So glad that your daughter has friends who will stick with her in rough times.
Mish wrote: Love was present in both acts. Beautiful, Helen.
Christine88 wrote: So nice.
kjoyw wrote: Great kindness day for You! Bless!
leoladyc728 wrote: all fantastic

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