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This Stranger Overheard Her Roommates and Her in Line and Jumped in to Help

Our daughter Ruth went to university on Saturday. I called her last night about a letter. She was very excited when I spoke to her and asked if I had a few minutes so she could tell me a story. She told me that she and her flatmates had gone shopping at the local supermarket. They were in the queue at the store and were debating whether they had enough money to pay for everything. A nearby gentleman asked if there was a problem. When they told him, he paid for all of their shopping. She said 'Mum we have a fridge and freezer full of food and it didn't cost anything!" It's such a welcome gift and an unexpected surprise isn't it? When we find kindness while not even looking for it! ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Repaid

I had a lovely experience of rewarded kindness today. I was shopping in the supermarket and found a packet of corn thins which were gluten-free to give to my daughter when she comes home for Christmas next month. I couldn't see a price for them but I didn't mind what I paid. I joined a queue to exit and a man with four thins in a basket was going to queue behind me. I looked at him and asked if that was all he had. He nodded so I told him to go ahead of me. He was through very quickly as I expected and the till-operator began scanning my items until she came to the packet of corn thins because they were coming up 'Product not found.' She asked for assistance and a member of staff went to look at the shelves. He came back a couple of minutes later and handed ... Read Full Story >>

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Act of Kindness

Young people often seem to get a bad image especially from the media. I wanted to share my experience this morning, to show how unfair that image is.

Richard and I were walking towards the bus, and there was a bin on the sidewalk, and a car was parked partly on the sidewalk too, making it difficult to walk. A boy of about ten came round the corner on a scooter and I stopped. As soon as he saw us he stopped his scooter, moved back into a better position and let us through first.

I gave him a big smile and thanked him for such a lovely act of kindness.

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Unexpected Surprises

Two wonderful acts of kindness this week to share.

My husband lost his phone and I rang it. He had dropped it on a train. Someone found it and sent me a text that they were going to hand it in at the first stop on the route. We collected it yesterday and
so grateful that it turned up.

The other was a friend of my daughter (who is still struggling) turned up at our house and took her to the airport to watch the planes to land and take off. She was smiling when she came home. x

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My Hairdresser Is Retiring ...

My hairdresser is retiring today after seventeen years. Over those years, she's been a friend and counsellor as well as my hairdresser. After Richard's operations in 2014 she started doing his hair because the scars often frightened hairdressers but Babs took it all in stride.

We wanted to give her something special. Richard said he'd seen several bouquets when he had his hair done on Wednesday. I decided to make her a card and inside we put one of Mindy's peace doves. We finished it by giving her a voucher for a loan to LendWithCare. The photo shows you an idea of everything.

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Love Knows No Boundaries

As you know there was a shocking event in New Zealand yesterday. Richard and I were going out for a meal last night and booked a taxi.
The driver welcomed us and began talking. The subject of the deaths in the Mosques came up and we said how shocked we were. He pulled out his phone and shared a photo.

It was a man standing outside a mosque here who held a card. ' I am a Christian and you are my brothers and sisters, I will protect you while you pray.'

It was so beautiful to see love being shared x

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Reverse Advent Calendars

One of our local churches suggested putting an item each day during Advent in a bag for the food bank.

In previous years I have used a calendar provided by Oxfam or Christian Aid which suggested you did things like putting 10p in a collection for each light you have.

So I am trying to combine the two. Buy a second item to put in the food bank. I don’t feel comfortable putting it altogether after Christmas so I donate what I have collected each week.

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Money Found

Another story on KindSpring about a missing wallet reminded me of when my daughter was in primary school. I was walking with her to school and when we passed our bank I went to use the hole in the wall. There was a man using the other machine. I was busy doing the transactions and when I had put my money away my daughter pointed to the floor and showed me a £20 note. I picked it up and she told me about the old gentleman.

I took her to school and promised to go into the bank on my way home because it would be open by then. I gave it to a lady and left my contact details. A couple of hours later she rang and asked me to call in which I did on my way to meet my daughter. The man was so grateful he had left £3 which I gave to my daughter as she was the one who found it

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Kindness Received

I wanted to share the wonderful kindness I have received in the last couple of days. The leader of our choir wanted to do something good for us all and to say goodbye to one member who returns to Germany next week. So he and his wife invited us all to a barbecue at their house. As we don't have transport, the Salvation Army majors picked us up and brought us home. It was a wonderful evening and I so enjoyed it.

This morning my husband and I went shopping. There was a sign about extra loyalty points on some products. I bought three of them but the points weren't on my receipt. I checked at the customer service desk and she promised to put them on. In the process I discovered I hadn’t been charged for the item but because it had gone through they didn't want the money. So I have put it in the bag for the food bank.

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Lovely Restaurant Surprise

Last August when we visited our daughter at university we went to a meal and it was rather disappointing.
When I completed the survey, I said I was disappointed it wasn't up to the usual standard and that the restaurant itself wasn't properly ventilated. I gave them my email address and asked them to contact me.

A member of the management team contacted me and asked for my phone number so they could discuss it with me. Katie rang me and we had a great conversation. She asked me to let her know when we would be coming again. We went to visit our daughter again yesterday so last week I emailed Katie and she booked us in. We had a great meal and Richard and I had a glass of wine each. When I asked for the bill they had only charged for the wine which was a lovely surprise.

I emailed her this morning to thank her so much for doing this.


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Spontaneous Kindness

Last year I had won some tickets to Frozen 2, and we took the daughter of one of our neighbours along with us to watch it. This morning I went shopping for the essentials we needed, and left Richard at home because he has an infection which I think is cellulitis.

Halfway through the supermarket, I met the neighbour and her daughter doing their shopping.She asked me if we were all right and I said I was worried about Richard because of the infection.

She immediately pulled out some paper and a pen and wrote her mobile number down. 'If you need anything ring me.' I was overwhelmed by her kindness.


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Helping to Feed Others is Food for the Soul

The order I had placed for different food products arrived

Wednesday. It included oat bars and some other oat products. I put the part of the order for my daughter into a bag and put it in her bedroom.

From the previous delivery there was also a case of oatcakes which I had ordered but didn't need it for myself, so I put them altogether in one package to take to the food bank. All of the gifts were gratefully received especially the gluten-free oat bars which went into the special section for those with allergies and special diets.

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Recycling And Reusing

This morning i thought about a couple who have been coming regularly to Open House and I didn't want them to feel left out as I have a present for a couple of other people there.

As I walked up and down the aisles getting what I needed I noticed they had some reusable coffee mugs and I know Traci and Chris always bring their own cups to Open House.

I found one with koalas on it and another with express yourself (both are made from sustainable materials so it was a win-win situation.

I buy our tooth brushes from a company which make and disbrute sustainable products. They sent me three toothbrushes and holders yesterday wrapped in such pretty paper and I've used the paper to wrap the cups up.

I love recycling and reusing!

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Taking Advantage of Offers on Behalf of others

Today, I checked the supermarket app and they have put a new offer on there for this weekend. It's for clothing in their range. I don't need any clothes at the moment so I am going to purchase something for a baby or small child and give it to the foodbank for a family who might need it.

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Supermarket Kindness

I went shopping this morning. The store was confusing. The great thing was everyone was helpful with each other and smiled.

The nicest thing happened in the queue for the till. I discovered I had forgotten to get cauliflower. The lady in front of me said, "Leave your trolley while you get it, and I'll keep an eye on it."  That was very kind of her.


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A Book For The Collection Point

Sifting through my daughter's books over the weekend, I found a large one which is packed full of stories and rhymes in large print for parents and children to read together. I bought it for her when she was three or four and as she's now 23.  I took it along to the collection box at the supermarket as part of my shopping yesterday which is to the left of the main entrance of the store. There were a couple of the security people standing close by and one of them said, 'That's a large book, what is it?” I explained what it was and he asked if it was okay to take it out. He was looking through it and said it might be suitable for his niece. I smiled as I walked away and then added, 'If it's any use to you, please do take it.' I hope he did because ... Read Full Story >>

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Fixing the Boiler for the Buyer

We are in the process of moving. Before Christmas there was a problem with the central heating boiler and when it was repaired we were told to have the system flushed. We contacted our plumber who always does this type of work for us and she and one of her assistants are here today.

To cut a long story short - it is going to take more money to make everything straight but I've told her to do it and we will pay. It's the least we can do as we will receive considerably more money than we anticipated from the sale and also have money from my mother-in-law's estate.

The young couple who are buying it are getting married this year so we want to help them as much as possible.

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Service And Help To The Foodbank

Before my operation I had to isolate and couldn't do my normal grocery shopping. Of course, I've not been able to do any shopping since the operation.

Before the operation, we placed an online order from our normal supermarket and we've continued at regular intervals. When I was placing the order for today, I put a couple of items in for the foodbank. This morning I received an email that they had to send a replacement for one of the items on the order. We discussed it with the driver and he said we could keep them and he would knock them off because they usually destroyed anything returned. I thanked him and said I would put them in the foodbank!

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Paying It Forward With Something For Free Postage

I took all the items I'd accumulated to Open House this morning. Before I went, I ordered some new wash bags for putting delicate items in the washing machine. I was very close to free postage when I saw they made cupcake cases and that was just enough to take me over the limit for free delivery - so I ordered some. I don't make cupcakes but I know they will be appreciated by Angela who serves tea and coffee and makes sandwiches at Open House. I'm really glad I found them as there wasn't anything suitable for the food bank.

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Sending A Thank You Note

I was a jump ahead on this one this week. Our favourite coffee shop - Caffe Nero in Leeds closed its doors earlier this week before we had a chance to thank the staff for all they've done in the last few weeks. So I went on the chain's website and chose compliment and sent an email thanking them for what they do and have done. I got a lovely email a couple of days later from their head office thanking me for my time and assuring me the staff would hear about it.

So I will give some thought as to who I can send a similar note to this week.

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The Post Was Delivered

The post was delivered about an hour ago and I had a package for them to pick up. A notebook I ordered came through the letter box but the post lady carried on. Richard said 'Do you want me to chase after her?' I said no because if there was a problem we could always drop it in the letterbox nearby.

A few minutes ago, Richard saw the post lady pass the window and as I was getting my keys and the package, she rang the doorbell. She had two packages in her arms and she suggested as they were for me, I take them first. i did and then she scanned my package and put it in her bag.

Look what came in the post!

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A Different Way To Pay It Forward

On Thursday, during Open House, I spoke to the Youth Worker and asked her if she would like to get gift cards for something other than food shopping to gift families during Christmas.

She was pleased that I asked her because she said that it is difficult to find suitable presents for teenagers. I was glad I asked and bought my first one for a clothing store.

It feels so good to be able to pay forward the kindness I've received over time.

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Uplifted by the Toothbuckle Team

I have talked before about the lovely ladies who run Toothbuckle. The weekend after I was diagnosed with cancer, I sent them some pictures. Last Saturday, I received a reply. One of them had lost their father shortly before Easter and so they apologised for not replying sooner.

They are always so kind and Ali who wrote the letter this time, empathised with me and then added if there was any way they could help to let them know. I was overwhelmed by their kindness. This afternoon I replied and told them how uplifted I was by their email.

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Origami Peace Doves

As I got my appointment date yesterday, we went to Open House. We've not been a few weeks so Richard was going to make the donation for food and drink because the card reader wasn't working last time we were there. He went to post something first and when I got in the building - Lorna was coming out the office and after she finished talking to the lady - I went into the office. She and Lauren both put their masks on which was so thoughtful. I told them about my appointment yesterday.

Before I left i gave Lorna some of the origami doves Mindy sent me. I knew she would like one herself so I said if you run out let me know and I'll bring some more.

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Another Easy Way To Help Others

A couple of weeks ago, my husband bought a carton of yoghurt which had spolit. We both assumed it hadn't travelled well and the next day he bought another one which was the same.

I took photos including the batch numbers and emailed them. They thanked me for highlighting the issue and promised to contact me when they had completed the investigation.

Last week a package arrived with £6 of vouchers towards more of their products. They were split into four vouchers - 2 times £1 and 2 times £2. I don't often buy their other products but I noticed that a carton of almond milk or a carton of coconut milk were available and they cost two pounds.

I bought one of each and used the £2 vouchers to pay for them. I transferred them to the foodbank trolley.

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Reminders And An Interesting Book

Yesterday was very busy with deliveries and collections so I was determined to take today at a slightly slower pace. I belong to a writers' group and I joined a Zoom call this morning to discuss and write some flash fiction. Before the call, I was listening to a podcast about Loving which I listened to last year and Richard Rohr and Jacqui Lewis were discussing how we can love people who come from a different culture to our own. Richard spoke about Native American Initiation Rites.

I had written a flash story the other day and I mentioned Native American rites so it was good to be reminded of where the idea had come from.

I have also been approved by a publisher to read an advance copy of a book. It is coming out in August and I will try to publish a review nearer the time of it publication. It's written about the situation in the UK but I'm sure it will resonate in other cultures.

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Contributing To The Local Newspaper

Since moving to a new county, we have received a free fortnightly local newsheet called Bishop Press. In today's addition they talked about a membership scheme they have set up. People who can't afford to pay the membership will still receive a free copy.

We are blessed to be in a position where we can contribute more than requested. So I have set up an annual direct debit. They also asked if we could contribute in other ways so I have offered to write as well as photograph.

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Foodbank Donations

We've started to donate one of the prepared bags at the supermarket for the foodbank each day. I've always liked this idea but didn't always do it because we donated food for the foodbank at the SA in our old home. As we haven't any direct contact with the foodbank here yet, we find the bags are great because the cost which is small goes on our bill and we quickly forget about it.

Tomorrow, I'm going shopping because we want to get some kitchen scales and a bathroom mirror as well as food.

We have a £45 voucher on the store's loyalty card so as well as the items for us, we're hoping to buy a gift card to send to the foodbank where we've come from.

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Received Flowers

There was a knock on the door a few minutes ago and Richard was doing something outside. I looked out the window and there was a florist van. I opened the door and the lady with a flower arrangement asking if I was Helen. She handed it to me and when I opened the card - it was sent by the ladies from Toothbuckle. I took a photo immediately!


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Resourceful Acts

I went to the hospital today for my wounds to be checked. The nurse moved the dressing and said everything is healing well. However, something has triggered the migraine attacks this week so I am glad something has gone well.

I've made a phone bag for my friend because it gets dirty in her bag when she walks the dog, along with two bookmarks from the dress material left over from making the stole a few weeks ago. I took a photo of the phone bag and posted it below.

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