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This Stranger Overheard Her Roommates and Her in Line and Jumped in to Help

Our daughter Ruth went to university on Saturday. I called her last night about a letter. She was very excited when I spoke to her and asked if I had a few minutes so she could tell me a story. She told me that she and her flatmates had gone shopping at the local supermarket. They were in the queue at the store and were debating whether they had enough money to pay for everything. A nearby gentleman asked if there was a problem. When they told him, he paid for all of their shopping. She said 'Mum we have a fridge and freezer full of food and it didn't cost anything!" It's such a welcome gift and an unexpected surprise isn't it? When we find kindness while not even looking for it! ... Read Full Story >>

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Reverse Advent Calendars

One of our local churches suggested putting an item each day during Advent in a bag for the food bank.

In previous years I have used a calendar provided by Oxfam or Christian Aid which suggested you did things like putting 10p in a collection for each light you have.

So I am trying to combine the two. Buy a second item to put in the food bank. I don’t feel comfortable putting it altogether after Christmas so I donate what I have collected each week.

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Money Found

Another story on KindSpring about a missing wallet reminded me of when my daughter was in primary school. I was walking with her to school and when we passed our bank I went to use the hole in the wall. There was a man using the other machine. I was busy doing the transactions and when I had put my money away my daughter pointed to the floor and showed me a £20 note. I picked it up and she told me about the old gentleman.

I took her to school and promised to go into the bank on my way home because it would be open by then. I gave it to a lady and left my contact details. A couple of hours later she rang and asked me to call in which I did on my way to meet my daughter. The man was so grateful he had left £3 which I gave to my daughter as she was the one who found it

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Kindness Received

I wanted to share the wonderful kindness I have received in the last couple of days. The leader of our choir wanted to do something good for us all and to say goodbye to one member who returns to Germany next week. So he and his wife invited us all to a barbecue at their house. As we don't have transport, the Salvation Army majors picked us up and brought us home. It was a wonderful evening and I so enjoyed it.

This morning my husband and I went shopping. There was a sign about extra loyalty points on some products. I bought three of them but the points weren't on my receipt. I checked at the customer service desk and she promised to put them on. In the process I discovered I hadn’t been charged for the item but because it had gone through they didn't want the money. So I have put it in the bag for the food bank.

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Love Knows No Boundaries

As you know there was a shocking event in New Zealand yesterday. Richard and I were going out for a meal last night and booked a taxi.
The driver welcomed us and began talking. The subject of the deaths in the Mosques came up and we said how shocked we were. He pulled out his phone and shared a photo.

It was a man standing outside a mosque here who held a card. ' I am a Christian and you are my brothers and sisters, I will protect you while you pray.'

It was so beautiful to see love being shared x

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