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Baking A Better Thought

--by mindyjourney, posted Feb 18, 2020
I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with some not-so-good thoughts of others yesterday.

Between the TV personalities and shows (on at the home where we were visiting) that spew reasons on why we should be negative and a friend’s personal conflict with a life direction, I could feel myself starting to slip down that slope myself.

How easy it is to get sucked into the drama and turbulent clouds!
Keeping focused on the love that connects us all can be a challenge? You bet!

I remembered that I had the choice either to dwell on that thought which I didn’t agree with, or to refocus my attention onto a better thought.

I chose to surround all with Love and Peace, instead of not.

Further I thought, I needed to do an hands on job to rise myself to higher thought vibrations. A job that would occupy my body, mind and spirit (I had already done yoga earlier in the day!). One that would combine and knead my thoughts to rise above the “undelicious.”

Folding doves? Crocheting catnip mousies? Cookies? Positive Post-It notes? No. This was a job for...cinnamon rolls!

That yeasty smell and warm dough. Buttery sugar sweetness, rolled with love and baked just right. Fragrant with redirected thoughts of Love and Peace. By the time I went to bed, I was humming a happier tune and smiling.

And then, the best part? Giving them all away the next day!

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Readers Comments

drjoybug wrote: You are so wonderfully aware of what you need and then doing it...alone with sharing with are a (cinnamon) roll model!!
gardengal10 wrote: Working with dough is always a great stress-reliever. And the smell? I can be positive that it was heavenly. Thanks for taking negativity and replacing it with beauty.
ado wrote: Thank you for walking is through your thoughts to happily arrive to the delicious looking cinnamon rolls. Bless you.
Mish wrote: Glad you were able to rise above the dark thoughts, and drama, of “others”!
leoladyc728 wrote: so true that we can get caught up in others chaos. Glad you have the things to get those thoughts from your mind
Rajni wrote: Our open eyes see whatever is there in the world. We have the choice to get distracted by trash movie -( it includes rubbish talk in person , in movie, serial, on phone or else) or turn inward and let the trash movie pass away .
DANCE wrote: :-)))) super

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