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Above and Beyond

--by myfbil, posted Feb 26, 2020
I read that somebody needed  minor help to get her heating furnace running. She lived in a poorer section of the town in a mobile home park.

In order to help her, I asked my husband if he could do the repair. I knew he had done this in the past for our furnace. He accepted and went to the next town over, fixed the furnace and took no money for doing so.

She had been without heat for two days in a below freezing weather! I was very happy that I read her message and could arrange for my husband to help her out.
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myfbil wrote: Sd:
Thank you so very much for your kind words. My husband is a real blessing! I try not to "put him on the spot" but i do occasionally ask him if he will help out with something and he is usually very accommodating.
SD wrote: You and your husband exemplified the essence of random acts of kindness. You saw the opportunity and most likely influenced your husband's decision to help. Be grateful he had the skill to make the repair, and not the attitude that you shouldn't volunteer his services (i've known some husbands who complain about that). Blessings to the elderly lady in need, and to both you and your husband - kindness spreads god's love.
lindariebel wrote: Good for you and your man!
myfbil wrote: Thank you for the lovely comments. It's always a great feeling when you can do something kind for somebody (or arrange to have somebody else do the deed). Love my husband and his kind heart.
cyctw wrote: Thank you to you and your husband for seeing a need and taking action<3.
smilinghearts wrote: A new neighbor gave me a nearly new lawn mower for my new place and wouldn’t take any money for it. People can do the kindest things! 💕
laughingsoul wrote: What a beautiful inspiring story of kindness, thank you so much for your help, I can imagine all your joys, the Helpers and the helped.
myfbil wrote: Thank you all for your kind words and generous donations of KB's. My husband IS a very kind and caring man. Yes, leoladyc728, he is a doll. :) I'm lucky.
Drjoybug wrote: You have a kind heart and a kind man
Mish wrote: Oh wow!!!!! She must have been sooooooooo grateful! Bless you BOTH! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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