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Kindness Jackpot

--by drjoybug, posted Feb 27, 2020

I woke up with about 4 inches of snow. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that someone had shoveled our steps and driveway, and even cleared the windows on my car.😊

Then I went to the pharmacy and they were playing Andy Grammer's song "good to be alive" I started singing, another guy in line started singing. The pharmacist and others back there were singing at their turn, then we all started dancing and laughing!!🎶
Next was lunch. I let people in front of me while I decided what to get. The cashier said I had a free cookie on my card.🍪🍪

I feel like I hit the kindness jackpot today❣️❣️🎰
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npeden wrote: And now we are receiving. Love how joy goes around so grandly. Thank you, dr. Joy bug! 😇🐦🐢😎💕💕🙌
bluebuddha wrote: It seems like the old adage - joy begets joy coming to life. Thanks for inspiring that spirit around you. :-)
Monica wrote: Make sure you do the deed after signing up. I'm all for sharing but it's the same as saying i'm gonna pray for you and not doing it. The act is nature and nurture and gods the spirit that moves it. It can be as catchy as the flu. If your spreading something spread gods love. I hope you put the device down and do the kind deed. God don't have a portal he knows
mindyjourney wrote: You did indeed! Some days are kindness diamonds 💎 😊. So happy for you and those around you! Oooh, a free cookie too 🍪!!
kmbhai wrote: You did great job. You are rocking with kindness..
patjos wrote: :))) Yes it seems you did!
SissyLee wrote: Free cookies always make my day!
Mish wrote: Go buy a lottery ticket are on a roll! 👍❤️😊
OlivierChhu wrote: Very nice, lovely feeling, you may have felt light that day ! :)

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