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Unexplainable Gift At My Door

There was a time I had to count every single penny I spent. I had to keep a tally in my head while shopping. I would stand there and add things up over and over and over. There was this time during the holidays when I was shopping at Trader Joe’s because way back then they had the most gluten-free food and I had a toddler newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I stood in the frozen food aisle adding everything up. The total was too high. I couldn’t buy everything. I didn’t want my card declined. I looked through everything trying to figure out what to put back. I kept everything everyone else would have loved, but put back the one thing I loved. It was a simple frozen package of chicken tamales. But that package was what put the total over budget. I hated the feeling of not being able to ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Jackpot

I woke up with about 4 inches of snow. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that someone had shoveled our steps and driveway, and even cleared the windows on my car.😊

Then I went to the pharmacy and they were playing Andy Grammer's song "good to be alive" I started singing, another guy in line started singing. The pharmacist and others back there were singing at their turn, then we all started dancing and laughing!!🎶
Next was lunch. I let people in front of me while I decided what to get. The cashier said I had a free cookie on my card.🍪🍪

I feel like I hit the kindness jackpot today❣️❣️🎰

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Kindness Shown to me as I Battle Depression

As my companion known as depression journeys with me, I find some days easier than others. The most debilitating part for me is the total lack of motivation to do ANYTHING.

Today I talked and texted with many friends. Each of them was so understanding and supportive. None of them dismissed my feelings, they just listened and created a space of comfort for me.
I thanked them all and am so grateful for their presence. Because of their kindness, love, and compassion, I was that I returned to go deep and regain some motivation; I went on a car ride with my dog for about an hour.

Thank you all so very much

My life is blessed by knowing you.


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Upping My Kindness Game

I have been upping my game on kindness lately. Last year spent in the hospital and nursing home, I was limited to simple politeness to all. Since being home in mid March, I have been cleaning out my stuff, allowing me to donate many boxes of clothes, shoes and books, as well as nic nacks. This TNH quote struck a cord with me because of this increased giving: "Yes, there is tremendous suffering all over the world, but knowing this need not paralyze us. If we practice mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful sitting, and working in mindfulness, we try our best to help, and we can have peace in our heart. Worrying does not accomplish anything. Even if you worry twenty times more, it will not change the situation of the world. In fact, your anxiety will only make things worse. Even though things are not as we would like, we can ... Read Full Story >>

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Everyday Kind Acts

I see that the opportunity for random acts of kindness is all around us. Here are a few simple acts that I did as I went by my day.
I let the hurtful words of another person roll off me without reacting to it, and thus avoided an argument. I remained at peace.
I caught up with two old friends via text and phone and had some light moments of laughter.
I chatted with the pharmacist about possible side effects of a new medicine and thanked him for his time.
I made an origami peace dove from the last calendar page of the YMCA and gave it to the receptionist.
I allowed some kind people to hold the door open for me.
I thanked my nail technician for doing such a a great job and also gave her a bit extra on her tip.
I drove politely and responsibly and let a few cars go ahead of me, as I waited patiently.
Performing these simple kind acts, can set an example to others and it could lead to a kinder society.

I thank you all for listening to my slice of life.


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Gratitude Helps You to See the Colours Clearly

My opportunity for kindness this week involved donating money. I was able to provide a scholarship for a high school boy in Tanzania, East Africa. I also helped a good friend get over a small shortfall and donated to one of my favourite children's services. I am grateful that I have the means to do this.

Other kind acts include the usual good manners, smiles, chats, thankful responses as well as visiting friends who were going through a tough time.

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Strawberry Crepes and a Random Act of Kindness

Blessings accepted.

I went out to lunch to treat myself to some strawberry crepes. When I was almost done my waitress said my bill was taken care of. I asked why, thinking they got my order wrong somehow. She said another table paid for me, but they didn't want me to know it. So I asked the waitress to thank them kindly and left an origami dove.

Kindness is floating around. I felt blessed.

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Sharing Peace Doves With Nurses

I gave out peace doves, quote cards, pamphlet about doves and smile cards to the nurses in outpatient care. They spend two hours everyday giving me my infusion of antibiotics. Several came into my room looking all aglow and thanked me.

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An Ordeal Made Better by the Kindness of Nurses

Yesterday was my last day of 6 weeks of daily transfusion of antibiotics at the hospital 'out patient' clinic. I gave quote cards and a dozen bagels and cream cheese to the marvelous nurses there.
Their thoughtfulness, humor and kindness got me through a process that I didn't understand well and it helped tremendously. I thanked them all and gave hugs.

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Yesterday I gave away some of our harvested garlic to a needy friend
I also gave her some asiagi cheese bagels that she loves.
Shared books and yoga journal magazines with four friends.
Helped hubby identify things growing in the garden.
Chatted with my neighbor, she told me her father died. I gave her a big hug and will be sending flowers

Please don't thank me for doing kindness. I share only for giving ideas🙏❣️

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Friendship Kind Acts

The day last week when Mindy was in town was a day that provided so many opportunities for kindness...

As I was going to meet with Mindy and friends it was raining. A woman loaded down with groceries was walking. She waved me down and offered to pay me to take her less than a half mile away . Of course I told her to get into the car... No payment needed

Shared some give away blouses with a friend and drove her home after our lunch

Gave Mindy tomatoes and more

We all chatted and laughed. Realized how strong we all are

Tipped out table bus lady

Received as much or more than I gave in kind friendship

Such a great day

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I belong to a service organization and the state meeting was today. Many opportunities for kind acts:

Proposed a way to help get new members,Gave out bookmarks
Paid money to the foundation that helps cover costs of the board to travel to other state conferences
Paid for membership for a college student to become a member.
Chatted with many friends I hadn't seen in 2 or more years.
Gave and received well wishes
Thanked 2 people for the handcrafted cards they sent me every week during my stay in the nursing home

I am blessed


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Kind Acts During The Day

Kindness filled days:

While driving, let lots of cars cut in front of me.
Allowed walkers to cross in front of me while stopped at a stop sign.
Complimented a lady on her dress. She proceeded to tell me she had it custom made because she loves retro 50 dresses.
Went to the YMCA to get back into yoga ..self kindness.
While there the receptionist complimented me on my bracelets and jokingly said she'd be happy get one. We laughed, then I gave her one. So much more that I cannot recall.

But I sure felt good to be able to do chair yoga again.

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Lots Of Opportunities For ...

Lots of opportunities for kindness today:

Went to a cafe to meet a friend. We had some misunderstandings to talk through. She didn't show up so I texted her to see if she was ok and still coming. She had gotten distracted by life events and forgot. We got on the phone and talked things out, both admitting and forgiving mistakes. We talked about the power of positivity.

Saw two women sitting in the cafe that I have seen there before. So I went over and said hello. Gave them each a dove and quote cards. Chatted some more.

Went to get blood drawn and gave the receptionist and phylbotomist doves and quote cards. Both were really touched.

Gave my dog part of my sandwich 😁

It was a good and happy day!

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Birthday Gifts

I gifted cupcakes on my birthday to the therapists I work with.

I comforted a friend who was anguished over circumstances in his life.

Chattered with the squirrels in my front yard...thank TH for that inspiration.

I started putting together a basket of bracelets and peace doves to leave at the YMCA for people to take one.
Gave a good friend a load of asiago chibatta bread


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Acts of Giving

Just voted.

Gave out doves, quote cards and smile cards to poll workers. They were very appreciative.

Talked with a friend last night....made us both feel better.

Did the laundry so my hubby could work in the garden. I can do this now!

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Donation And Positive Attitude

I made donations for a little girl to get education in India.

I donated to Asante Africa organization for education of children in Kenya and tanzania.

I gave a thank you can of cookies to my health care nurses.

I said thank all who help me..a simple kindness.

I have kept a positive attitude all week.!!!

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