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Cashiers Have Feelings Too

--by Christine88, posted Mar 23, 2020
Wednesday I tried to pay a bill at Walmart.
My mortgage company wouldn't show up. I went back yesterday with a different name. I had the same manager. She is so nice. We tried it again, no luck.

I went shopping and bought her a small bouquet of carnations. I went back to her to give them to her.
She asked how did you know that was my favorite flower?! Lucky shot.

Cashiers (Managers especially) have to deal with so much during the day. Rude customers, lazy employees. I thought why not do something nice.
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patjos wrote: How lovely :)
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for going the extra in expressing your appreciation 💕! And the perfect flowers for her too!!! Divine nudge :)))
Helenconnell2 wrote: Wonderful x
LoveyDovey wrote: Love these kind acts....makes such a difference.
Rajni wrote: Your positive attitude and compassionate did a wonderful job. Our inner voice guides us correctly, you to pick up the right small bouquet of carnations

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