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Small Act Of Kindness by Little Girl

Today I went to Tubac, Az. My favorite town. I was sitting outside but ended up sitting inside. After a while, a family came in to get lemonade for them all to go, with two young girls, maybe 10 and 12.  The 12 year old had a pretty silk flower. I said "the flower is pretty. Did you just buy it?" She said yes. I asked the younger one, "Did you buy anything?" She said yes and showed me a pretty shiny beaded bracelet. I said "Those are really pretty and shiny." Next thing I know, the younger one placed something on my table. $2 crumpled up. I asked "What is this for?" She said "Because I wanted to." I almost started to cry. I said "Oh my gosh honey, that was so sweet of you. You remind me of myself."  Another lady sitting with her husband laughed in a good way. I said "How ... Read Full Story >>

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Out of Nowhere, help arrives

This morning on the way to work I stopped to get a hot  chocolate at a convenience store. I didn’t have the correct credit card on me and went to my car to get it. When done, I locked my car door the old-fashioned way, using the manual lock, I shut my door. You know where this is going...yep, there were my car keys and cell phone inside the car! I went inside the store and they let me use their phone to place some calls. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get in touch with anyone who could hlep. Note to self: Sign up for a roadside assistance program:). After what seemed like forever, but in real time it was less than an hour, I started to pray for help. Wouldn't you know it, in walks a Pascua Yaqui police officer. He came walking towards me, said, "Good morning, how are you?" I ... Read Full Story >>

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Santa Left a Gift

There is an older couple across the street one house over from me. They keep to themselves. I love their yard with rocks and neat rusted old things. I left a plant by their walk way about 6 months ago. They planted it. They have a small section of colored lights on their patio roof and a tree inside.

I made a glass Christmas ornament with melted crayon. I had a cute invitation card that had Mr and Mrs Santa saying we checked our list twice. I cut it and made it into a card and said Merry Christmas from Santa. I placed it on their patio this morning. Now they'll have a new handmade ornament to place on their tree.

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First Time Fishing For 10 Year Old

I have a little 10 year friend that has become like a niece to me. I've known her since she was 4. We do crafts, go places. She has never been fishing. I've been wanting to get her a license, pole, everything for at least a year. It just never happened. Yesterday we went to the park and were bored. I said come on, let's go to Wal-Mart and check out fishing stuff. My credit card showed $55. It was $5 for a year license for her, pole, etc...$23. I couldn't afford my own license ($37), I just got her one. I know somewhere in the conversation I mentioned she has never been fishing and I am going to make it happen. Well, for some reason my card got declined. I said ok, let's just do the $5 license. It still declined. I had $6 on my debit (in car) we go ... Read Full Story >>

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Locking My Keys in the Trunk While Doing Doordash

I locked my keys in the trunk of the car yesterday at 3 pm while doing a Doordash. The customers' food got locked in there too. I had them cancel the order and reissue a new one. I don't have roadside assistance.

A friend helped me with her service. We waited for the driver to arrive (maybe 45 minutes). He arrived and set to work but couldn't get it open. A couple came by and the wife said she had the same thing happen. They came back out of the restaurant and offered to help but they couldn't get it either.

He called a friend to come over and help. He tried one more time and finally, he got it! We had been there for 31/2 hours.  

I was so grateful for everyone that helped me. My friend Sonia, the AAA tow truck driver, and the couple. There really are good people out there that still care and want to help others. God Bless them.

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Another Chance to Buy a Meal

I went through a fast food restaurant's drive-through with my seven-year-old friend the other day. There was a guy sitting on the curb past the drive-through asking for help. I didn't have any cash, so I told him sorry. However, to exit, you have to pass the entrance to the drive through again, so I got back in line and ordered a large meal with a drink. I handed it to the man asking for help. He was grateful.


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Offering Food to a Stranger

Yesterday I was leaving a QT. This homeless man had a hot dog and went to sit down on the cement. He had a soda with him too. He was eating that hot dog like he hadn't eaten in months and it just broke my heart. I was just so happy for him. I didn't have any money at the time to buy him more food. But I said God, the next time I have money and I see that man I'm going to buy him food. I had done doordash all day and had enough money, I finally bought my cat's this water drinking fountain I wanted. I know I should have used it to pay a bill, but I really wanted that fountain. I ended up with just $5 left on my card and I had $2 cash that I was going to buy a gallon of water for ... Read Full Story >>

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Pay It Forward Day And More

Another act of kindness to me. My payday is almost here, but I had to ask for gas again at the gas station. After work, a nice man gave me $5. It still wouldn't last me until payday.

Later in the evening I went to another station and asked a man for $5 to help me. He said he didn't have cash, but he did have his credit card. The next thing I know he filled up my tank. It was $26.82. I told him I would pay him back after I received my check, but he said no, just pay it forward. I told him, God bless you.

With my budget so tight, I will have to pay it forward in increments.  I will ask the Universe to guide me to the people in need.

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Merry Christmas To Two Little Girls

I just went to get money order, pay bill and such at customer service.

A grandma with her 2 granddaughters were behind me. We were making conversation and laughing. When I was finally done, I handed each of the girls $5.

I said it's not much, but Merry Christmas. The older one was in shock. (Maybe 10 yrs old) I wrapped my arm around each one and gave a hug. They were so happy and said thank you.

As I walked away, the older one said to her grandma: "Grandma, I'm going to cry."

Her grandma said: "you are?"
She said: "Yes, I'm going to cry."
I felt so happy to make them happy.

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Gardening Neighbor

My neighbor's grandfather lives with them. He is maybe 80 years young; I'm not exactly sure. He planted a little garden, sands down tree branches to make into walking sticks. Keeps himself busy.

I told him he could use part of my yard to make himself a larger garden; he did just that! Then he offered to clean up a portion of my yard that is messy.

I said, "oh no, you don't have to do that. I'll get to it eventually." He replied, "no, I like to stay busy." I came home Monday to a yard that was all raked up. He told me he'd take care of the piles soon.

I felt so happy...and a little bad, too. I think I'll ask him on my next payday if I can take him out to eat as a thank you. I'll take photos later on, too.

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Cashiers Have Feelings Too

Wednesday I tried to pay a bill at Walmart.
My mortgage company wouldn't show up. I went back yesterday with a different name. I had the same manager. She is so nice. We tried it again, no luck.

I went shopping and bought her a small bouquet of carnations. I went back to her to give them to her.
She asked how did you know that was my favorite flower?! Lucky shot.

Cashiers (Managers especially) have to deal with so much during the day. Rude customers, lazy employees. I thought why not do something nice.

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Small Things Make Big Tokens

I went to the dollar store yesterday. The cashier wasn't the friendliest. As I was walking out I saw something I wanted to buy. I got back in line.

The guy cashing out told the cashier "you have a look like you want your day to be over.” She said it was her Monday. I wanted to say so badly that well it doesn't mean you need to be grumpy (but I kept my mouth quiet).

I thought maybe there's more to it than just that. I got to the counter and quickly bought a Kit Kat candy bar. She handed me my change. I gave her the Kit kat bar saying " this is for you. Hopefully it will make your day go better." Her facial expression completely softened, she smiled and said "thank you. I thought she was going to cry.

I think sometimes just a small token of kindness can make someone's day.

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Every Morning When I ...

Every morning when I arrive at work I have a routine. I look up a photo that is pretty. Either a cup of coffee with a pretty swirly in the middle of it, a sunrise, bird, etc.. I sent a good morning to a few coworkers with that photo attached. Then I log into this site and see all the beautiful post. It makes my day start out good and if it's a bad start, I read a post from here and learn from it. Especially the ones posted about what you can control. Attached is the photo I sent to coworkers this morning. I'm lucky to live in Arizona and to see such beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

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Birthday kindness to me and spread to others

My birthday was Thursday 10/8.
I took off 5 days from work.

I treated myself to breakfast.
When I got there to pick it up the man asked "what are you doing today?"
I said "well, it's my birthday."
He said "oh nice, if you show me ID of your dob, you get a birthday discount."

I showed it and my bill went from $14 to $5. I did give him a $5 tip. (kind of gave away my savings, but I was ok with it)
Then I went to buy something at Walgreens. It was $10. She said you have $5 store credit. Well giddy up to me again.

I left and on street corner at light was an old man asking for money. I had never seen him before. I handed him a $5. Same thing, I gave away my saving. However, I see it as it meant to be. And it made me happy!

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Doing Something Nice with Tax Refund

I received the last of my tax refund this morning. I wanted to do something different with it, so I went to the local gas station.

I asked for $40 cashback. I gave the clerk the money to pay for the next customers' purchases. I also gave her $5 to keep for herself.

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Handing Out Valentine Cards

I never did share  my  experience giving away valentine cards. I had made about 20 large cards and 10 small tiny ones. I made the envelopes on those as well. I was going to sell them but decided to give them away. My first person. A coworker and I went to drop off a work vehicle at car dealership for warranty work. An elderly lady was walking across to her vehicle. I walked up and said happy valentine's day and handed her the tiny card. She looked at me puzzled. She asked, this is for me? I said yes, I make valentine's day cards and hand them out. She asked, do you work here? I said no, I'm here, blah blah. She had the sweetest irish accent. She started to cry. She said "no one ever does these kind of nice things anymore". I said "well, they happen today."  After work I was ... Read Full Story >>

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Spreading Joy in The Parking Lot

On Sunday I stopped at a Dollar Tree store. On the way in, I noticed a mom and daughter (around 8 yrs old) were going to their car. The girl was carrying two rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.
I asked if they had a tree up yet.

The mom smiled and said, "No, not yet". I told them I wanted to give them something and. I got in my car and pulled out a tree-shaped ornament with a llama on it.

I handed it to the girl and said "Here you go, your first Christmas ornament for this year." She took it and said "cool!"I told her that I had made it and then  I wished them a  Merry Christmas. Seeing the mom and daughter so happy made me happy too.

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Honest to God Miracle Answered

My story is of kindness given to me. I went to make an extra payment on my electric bill and instead of taking $20 they took out my previous payment of $220. I had to wait at least 3 weeks to get reimbursed for the excess payment.

I started praying that day at work because my gas tank on my car was empty and I didn't have enough food to last me until the next payday. I posted on my Facebook page I need a miracle. I need an honest-to-God miracle.

A cousin of mine that I only recently started to converse with about two months ago messaged me asking what's wrong. I told him and he asked, "will $300 cover it?" I replied, "yes" with tears rolling down my face. I told him I only need $50 to help me out until payday, but he wired me $300.

When I told him that I would pay him back as soon as I got the reimbursement for the electric bill overpayment, he said, "no don't pay me back, pay it forward." Amazing kindness from a relative whom I know only through texting and messaging. I hope to meet my Miracle Cousin one day.

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Two men came into the office yesterday to pick up an item. One was admiring a piece of metal ornament I had. It was a snake made from a nail. He was admiring it so much.

They left and came back into the office. While they were waiting, I wrapped up the ornament. I wrote don't open until you leave.

As they were leaving, I told the young man, here, this is for you. He was happy and said thank you and God Bless You. I hope he liked it. I had it for about 20 years. I figure, ah, let it go onto to someone else and they can get enjoyment out of it.

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A Christmas Story

I have a nice Christmas story to share. I've been making Christmas cards the past week or so for friends and hand out to random people. Christine Eve I gave several to the employees at the casino down the street from me. Then I gave a few to cashiers at QT and a little girl in line. I did the same today(Christmas). I made about 20 more. I went to the casino, got a free soda and filled them out. I handed them out to other employees. I went back to QT. I tried to buy a $1 scratch ticket with my last dollar, they were out. I still handed out cards. I went to Circle K to get a scratcher. I got the ticket. (Sadly not a winner) I gave the cashiers and customers cards. I had 8 cards left. I decided to go to Walgreens. A homeless man ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving Away The Painted Rock

Today a client came into the office waiting for another employee to meet her. She was looking at all my rocks and nick nacks on my counter. 

She told her friend, look at this owl!! I told her it was a painted rock I found in San Diego Coronado Beach 3 years ago. The employee arrived and she headed out the door, but first, I whispered to the guy, 'hey, here, give this to her. (It was the painted rock) he asked, are you sure? I said yes, she liked it and I want her to have it.

I ended up leaving for lunch right after that. He gave it to her before I drove away.and she waved. I said I wanted you to have it. She said thank you, I loved it so much. Another item off to make someone happy in life.

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