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Spontaneous Kindness

--by Helenconnell2, posted Apr 21, 2020
Last year I had won some tickets to Frozen 2, and we took the daughter of one of our neighbours along with us to watch it. This morning I went shopping for the essentials we needed, and left Richard at home because he has an infection which I think is cellulitis.

Halfway through the supermarket, I met the neighbour and her daughter doing their shopping.She asked me if we were all right and I said I was worried about Richard because of the infection.

She immediately pulled out some paper and a pen and wrote her mobile number down. 'If you need anything ring me.' I was overwhelmed by her kindness.

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Brindlegirl wrote: Helen you will see this more and more as the world starts to reflect you sweetheart 💗
mindyjourney wrote: How beautiful is that? :)))). Blessings of peace and health to both you and your husband, dear helen.
gardengal10 wrote: Lovely!
pluto178 wrote: So lovely x
Mish wrote: Wow! Heaven sent. Visualizing good outcome for your hubby, Helen.
DANCE wrote: Bless you all

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