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Ripples of a tip on my daughter

--by wesm2006, posted Apr 29, 2020
As a family we were blessed to afford a meal out last February.
In this ecomony and this time of year money is tight but budgeting and keeping on track we went and enjoyed every bite!

Our waitress was great - smiling, checking on us, offering suggestions - overall great experience. When the bill game I signed the bill and slipped a SMILE card inside with $50 tip for a happy, heathly and joyous holiday!
My daughter was in awe by the gesture and I knew immediately the experience of kindness would not only impact our waitress but would leave a lasting impression on my daughter and that was priceless!
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OlivierChhu wrote: I am replying six years later. I feel this story very sweet and touching :)
Mish wrote: You are so in the spirit of "the giving season"!!
wavingatyou wrote: Wonderful gift and example :)
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful SMILE of giving :))))). Many thanks and blessings.
melnotes wrote: Wonderful generous gift and teaching others too in the process. namaste :)
sandyremillar wrote: Wonderful surprise I am sure! You helped her Christmas be more merry....:}

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