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Pay-It-Forward, A Labour of Love

--by iferlamb, posted Feb 22, 2010

Once a year my Great Aunt Glenna (both in relation and in just plain greatness) gets all the ladies in the family together for a weekend at a cabin set in the woods.  There are no distractions like television or radio.  It is a time to commune with nature and to draw close to one another.  We always have the MOST wonderful time!

At the most recent of these get-togethers, I decided it would be a lot of fun to get a smile card going.  I envisioned it would be passed from lady to lady with one kind act after another the whole weekend.  The first morning I put a bag of mini M&M's in my Great Aunt Dorris' shoe related to a precious story she told about her grandson.  It started a string of questions aimed at uncovering the doer of the ANONYMOUS act of kindness.  I was suspect number one but I would never admit to it.  It did not start the ripple I had hoped it would.  No more smile card acts of kindness were done with that card that weekend.  

Still, the Universe has a funny way of thanking you and returning your kindness to you.  I had admired a bracelet not knowing who it belonged to and commented on its beauty to the ladies sitting around me at the time.  Well, one of those ladies knew who it belonged to and told her how much I liked it.  On the morning we were leaving she brought it to me and said she would like for me to have it.  I was overjoyed!  I knew just what to do...  Pay it Forward! 

I had another smile card and a beautiful ring so I slipped both into my Aunt Eva Gay's bag while no one was looking.  Once again it was treated like a mystery to solve and I was again, suspect number one.  

In holding true to our anonymous acts of kindness mantra, I never revealed my role in the small Smile Card gifts.  It is funny how the point is sometimes overlooked.  I will keep teaching and hope that the lesson is learned.  Instead of seeking to thank the giver...  Pay it Forward!  Do something kind for someone else.  I am so pleased to know all of you here at Help Others who "get it"!  We seem to be few but we are doing what we can to change that.  It is a labor of love.    

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lindariebel wrote: You can be my suspect #1 any time!
Arielle wrote: This is awesome! Thank you. I was inspired to do a similar thing.
jsmc10 wrote: That getaway in the cabin in the woods sounds heavenly and so peaceful :)
Zevelina wrote: You did do something great - made the weekend different in a way they all will remember :) and we should not force the kindness actions (as much as we want to), or we`ll forget to have fun with it :d great idea! Love the girls family time as well :)
enchantedchilde wrote: Wow! You are one fabulous mama! :)
myfbil wrote: I agree we are fortunate to "get it" and pay it forward. We also know that those little smile cards aren't just handed out - they come with a random act of kindness, also. You have a special quality and are teaching the world. Way to go!

Have a sunshine day. :)
rrgirl63 wrote: Bravo to you! What could have been a moment of disappointment, leading to "giving up" on your random acts of kindness led you to share a wonderful story with others who understand and support you whole-heartedly. Don't stop believing! You do make a difference!
PHSteacher wrote: What a wonderful idea. I will be attending a retreat next month. Think i'll take my smile cards and a small gift to secretly give someone. Thanks for the idea.
Mary wrote: I think there are more of us than you think. Way to go!
Jayne wrote: I am always reminding myself to try to not attach when i give. I am very human so it can be a real struggle at times. I see when i have an energy of attachment and trying to make something happen there may be an energy of resistance from others. When i can freely give and then let it go and rest in the awareness that the world is a little better becasue of my kindness and that is enough, i am freed. Many blessings!

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