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Are You a Carrot, an Egg or a Coffee Bean?

A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her.  She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up.  She was tired of fighting and struggling.  It seemed as if as soon as one problem was solved a new one arose.  Her mother took her to the kitchen. The mother filled three pots with water. In the first, she placed carrots. In the second she placed eggs. And the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil without saying a word.  About twenty minutes later, she turned off the burners. She fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and placed it in a bowl.  Turning to her daughter, she said, "Tell me what you ... Read Full Story >>

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The Journey of a Kindness Checkbook

The green box on talks about a $100 contest I submitted an idea that I would love to do.  I loved the idea so much that I decided to go ahead and do it, only on a smaller scale.  If I am selected as a winner of the $100 contest, I will do it on the large scale.  (fingers crossed)  Since I work at a Bank getting the supplies for my idea was easy: a plastic checkbook cover and a transaction register (normally for a checking account).  Next I wrote a message on the inside cover: "Congratulations!  You are currently the bearer of the Smile Transaction Register.  This kindness checkbook began its journey with $20.  Your only job is to keep it going.  Don't keep it long.  Look over the entries in the register to get some ideas of how to spread small acts of kindness.  You can either make a deposit if the funds ... Read Full Story >>

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The Simple Joy of Blowing Bubbles

Earlier,  Aurelia posted a wonderful little piece entitled "Bubbles" and since I myself LOVE,  bubbles I had to read it. She gave the most wonderful suggestion of giving bubbles to children.  I loved the idea.  I went to the store on my lunch break and bought an eight pack.  I gave one to the cashier there to give to any child she chose, as suggested in Aurelia's post, which made her smile.  I also have been giving them out to small children who come in the bank.  They are thrilled to receive them.   It gives me joy to see how happy it makes them to receive such a small gift.  One little boy did a dance right there.  I asked him if that was his happy dance.  He told me it was.  I told him I would dance too if someone gave me bubbles.  It was a wonderful exchange. Children have ... Read Full Story >>

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A Kindness Idea to Remind People That They Matter

I received the most exciting message today!  My kindness idea was selected!

I am going to make up some baskets complete with "You Matter" and Smile Cards and take them to local retirement homes.  I will ask a staff member to give the resident most in need of this gift while explaining to them the idea of paying forward the kind act for someone else.

I hope this will start a kindness "epidemic" in the retirement homes that I take the baskets to.  This is just my way of telling them that they are not forgotten and they matter!

Thank you HELPOTHERS!!


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Biggest Drive-thru Smile Ever

Last night my husband and I were on the way to a show. We were both hungry and wanted to grab a quick bite on our way there, so we swung through a Jack-N-the Box drive-thru and placed our order.  When we got up to the window the lady smiled at me (which is sometimes rare) and asked how I was doing while she was collected our money for the food.  I replied, "Fine, and how are you?" She went to get our order ready and I asked my husband to pass me my "Drive-thru Smil bag". He handed it to me and watched in amazement as I gathered together a "You make a difference" paper, a Smile Card, a smiley stamper and a smile button.  She came back to the window almost before I finished putting it all together.  Without looking too closely she passed the bag and said, "Thank you. Have a good ... Read Full Story >>

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Pay-It-Forward, A Labour of Love

Once a year my Great Aunt Glenna (both in relation and in just plain greatness) gets all the ladies in the family together for a weekend at a cabin set in the woods.  There are no distractions like television or radio.  It is a time to commune with nature and to draw close to one another.  We always have the MOST wonderful time! At the most recent of these get-togethers, I decided it would be a lot of fun to get a smile card going.  I envisioned it would be passed from lady to lady with one kind act after another the whole weekend.  The first morning I put a bag of mini M&M's in my Great Aunt Dorris' shoe related to a precious story she told about her grandson.  It started a string of questions aimed at uncovering the doer of the ANONYMOUS act of kindness.  I was suspect number one but I would never admit to it.  It did ... Read Full Story >>

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My Best Smile Card Response Yet!

This weekend I went grocery shopping. The cashier I chose was talking to the ladies in front of me and then something they were talking about reminded her about sending relief for a co-worker.  She quickly took care of that and called the person to tell them help was on the way. When it was my turn to checkout she chatted with me too. I had prepared a little Smile Card package that I normally use in drive-throughs before coming inside the store just in case I found someone to share it with.  Well I knew she was the one. I could tell she really cared about people. When we were all done with my transaction I said, "This is for you," and handed her the items.  She looked at it and said, "Thank you!  I really needed this today!" Then her eyes filled with tears and she gave me a hug! I told her, "Now, ... Read Full Story >>

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Smile Deck: Ace of Spades

I recieved my new Smile Deck (a deck of cards with a unique kindness idea on each card) from  I have distributed a few of the cards (asking, of course, that they be returned to me as soon as the mission on that card is completed).  I have not yet heard back any stories from the cards I sent out but I look forward to hearing them and to sharing them here with all of you. :) I drew one card myself.  It was the Ace of Spades.  The task on the card was to make signs about conserving water and distribute them in public places.  I used 'Word' to make the signs.  I put a pretty picture of a leaf with water droplets on it at the top and then listed 5 easy practical ways YOU can conserve water and then printed off a few copies.  I posted one in the laundry matt near where I ... Read Full Story >>

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Taking the Extra Step to 'Pay-it-Forward'

I wanted to do a random act of kindness for my friend’s birthday, so on Friday I went to Walmart to carry out my gift to her because I think people who shop there do so to save money and could use a gift. My gift in honor of her birthday is a birthday cake!  I selected a cupcake birthday cake for which the recipient of the gift can pick any design they wish. My plan is for the next person who walks up to the bakery counter to purchase a cake to be told that someone has anonymously paid for their cake, and for them to then receive the receipt along with my handwritten message explaining the gift along with a Smile Card attached. It took some doing/convincing!  I had to speak to 2 members of the management and make 2 trips to the store.  I was turned down the first time ... Read Full Story >>

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A Tax Official Goes An Extra Mile

Working at a Bank as I do, one of my hats is being a lending assistant.  Sometimes we do loans for individuals buying vehicles from other individuals.  This is fine other than the fact that titles are a very hard item to "get right".  As happens often in these types of transactions the title was indeed not completed properly.  One thing was wrong.  I received a call from the tax office!  The woman explained what was wrong and offered to send it from the Angleton tax office to the Alvin tax office since she noticed our customer is from that city.  WHAT!?!?!  A county tax office official offering to go the extra mile!?!?!  How NICE!  Normally you would receive the title back along with all of your paperwork with a paper explaining what is wrong along with a hefty late fee.  If was such a nice change of pace to come in ... Read Full Story >>

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Warm Smiles on a Cold Night

Last night my husband and I went to Sonic for an ice cream treat.  It was a little chilly, especially for Texas, because we like it warm and it was too cold not to have a jacket.  The car hop brought our order and low and behold, she had no jacket. I asked her if she was cold and she said she was freezing but had no jacket. It was no wonder because we are not used to needing jackets down here.   I tried to see if I had one in my car but I did not.  On the way home after we had left, I told my husband my plan.  "When we get home I'm going to get my little jacket and bring it back to her," I said, "It is too cold to be working all night with no jacket." I did just that.  I also slipped a Smile Card in to the pocket.  When I got there I looked for the ... Read Full Story >>

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An Opportunity to Pay-it-Forward

Yesterday, I popped out of the office to go to Starbucks.  I offered to bring back everyone’s coffee.  One of my co-workers was very sweet and said they would pay for my coffee.  So I thought – what a GREAT opportunity to "pay -it-forward"! I went through the drive-thru and placed our order.  When I reached the window to pay, I told the young lady I needed her help with something aside from our order.  I gave her $4.00 and a Smile card.  I told her I wanted to anonymously buy someone's coffee today.  I asked her to chose whomever she wanted to be the recipient of the free coffee, pass them the card and explain that they have just experienced a random act of kindness and all that I ask is that they ‘pay- it-forward’ by doing something kind for someone else.  She thought it was very sweet and agreed to ... Read Full Story >>

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Flip Flop Kindness For A Colleague

Things at my work are really good these days which is much better than they were last month.  One of my co-workers was giving me the silent treatment but that's all forgotten and forgiven now. This weekend my fiancé took me shopping for my birthday.  We went to several stores.  At one store I found the cutest little flip flop bird house.  The coworker who I have forgiven for the silent treatment (previously mentioned) LOVES flip flops.  I think of her every time I see them.  I just had to pick it up for her.  I wasn't sure when I was going to give it to her (I was flipping back and forth) but in the end I decided to.  "What are you waiting for?" I asked myself, so I gave them to her today. (This is just a random picture.  The one I got is cuter!) She loved it!!!  She said it matches some little outdoor lights ... Read Full Story >>

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Get Well Wishes With A Sweet Treat

Last week, where I live, the property manager, Holly and the fix it man (of sorts), Bill  both went in for surgery. 

I found some get well soon cards and purchased them.  They were on clearance!  I also had a sweet treat for each of them.  Of course I included a SMILE card in each one!!!  = )

I tied Holly's up with a red string and tried to drop it on the counter with no one noticing but I got caught.

Bill's, I tried to slip into the mail while his wife was collecting it from the office.  I accidentally put it in her discard pile.  Thank goodness the cashier caught it and saved it from going in the garbage!!!!

I got "busted" on both but that's ok.  It's not always about being anonymous. 


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A Kindness Suspect

The most wonderful thing happened at work today! Here's an e mail conversation I had with a co-worker a few minutes ago. Please read it; Co-worker - Did you by any chance send me a cute pick-me-up yesterday? Me - Tell me more about this pick-me-up. What was it? Co-worker - Adorable balloons and little pigs whose wings flap when you press their foot. So cute! No name on the card and the florist who delivered them was instructed not to say who they were from. It looks suspiciously like something you would do! Me - Wow! Sounds like it was from an angel! I have tears in my eyes, and I have a suggestion. Pay it forward! Just accept the beautiful gift, then do something nice for someone else. Keep it going! That's what I do when something like that happens to me. Co-worker - Great idea, I will definitely do that!  Then I thought to ... Read Full Story >>

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A Detour in the Journey of the Kindness Checkbook

I am writing this post following my earlier post 'The Journey of a Kindness Checkbook'. In reading many of the stories here I have come to a realization that had not previously occurred to me.  Not everyone is comfortable doing random acts of kindness.  Post after post people talk about how worried they are to take that step. After learning this I went down to the little bird store where I had given the lady who works there the smile transaction register.  I asked her if it was something she was comfortable doing.  She asked me to take it back, she said "It was not working out".  I did and apologized for not realizing that it may make some people uncomfortable. I have now passed it on to a coworker who said she would love to do it!  I am waiting for the emails to come in to the designated email account I set up so ... Read Full Story >>

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A Sweet Surprise for the Post Lady

Yesterday I wanted to leave a nice surprise for our Postal Carrier.  I called the Post Office to ask who would be delivering our mail.  They gave me her name, Michelle.  So, I put a cake ball (which is the most decadent thing you have ever eaten) in a red plastic heart I had from a Valentine's gift which I had saved to use on just such an occasion.  It fit just perfect!  I added a SMILE card to the outside with a couple of small pieces of tape.  I put it in an envelope.  I wrote To:  Michelle and drew a "stamp" on it myself with a little heart.  On the bottom I wrote "Pay it FORWARD".  I put it in the place the carrier always picks up our outgoing mail.  My plan was for her to just scoop it all up and go to the next suite and find it a few minutes later, or ... Read Full Story >>

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A Little Help in the Rain

This weekend a couple of my friends and I took part in a walk supporting a diabetes charity.  It was quite cold and raining the entire time. As the walk got underway I noticed an elderly woman walking with a sweater over her head trying to find cover from the rain.  She also had with her 2 little children, her grandbabies I'm sure.  It was all she had.  I on the other hand was well prepared.  I had a rainproof coat from my husband and a poncho my friend had given me as well as an umbrella.  My heart moved me to give my umbrella to this Grandmother.  I told my friend what I planned to do and quickly made my way through the crowd to where she was.  I gently patted her on the back.  She turned around unsure of what I wanted.  I offered her my umbrella with a smile.  "Here!" ... Read Full Story >>

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I Matter - And So Do You!

As I was standing in line at the coffee shop I dropped something out of my purse without realizing it. The lady behind me bent down, picked it up, and handed it to me.

It was a bracelet that my aunt gave me. 
The lady seemed a little shy and even a bit uncomfortable, looking down and away. I asked her, "Would you like to have it? I have another just like it."  
She asked, "What is it?" and I explained. It was a bracelet that says, "You Matter."
She took it. When it was her turn to order I noticed she had already put it on her wrist!
I paid for my order and had a seat to wait for it to be prepared. The lady came and asked if she could sit with me. I said, "Sure!" and we talked a while before I had to go back to work.
It was nice to share my time and my table with this shy lady. I hope it made her day. I know she enjoyed the bracelet. Sometimes it's the personal attention that means the most. 


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Planting A Smile Card Surprise

Today I had nothing planned for lunch so I went to the Good Will store nearby just to look around.

I remembered that I had 2 smile cards on me. I also had 2 one dollar bills in cash so I folded the dollars and paper clipped one dollar to each smile card.  I then  decided to place them inside 2 different purses.

I think it will bring a SMILE to the people or person who finds them!!  It made me smile just planting them!


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A Neighbourly Moment of Kindness

My husband and I have a neighbor who has recently started planting flowers around her place.  We've noticed that she has been using a jug to water them.

Yesterday, on an impulse,  I bought a watering can for her while I was at the store.

I hadn't decided how best to give it to her as we don't really know each other that well.  Then she brought her jug over to the water hose we share.

Well, there was my opportunity.  I said, "Hi! We picked something up for you," and I handed her the watering can.

She was really happy and thanked us with a big smile!

We went inside and my husband said "Well, that got a smile."

I said, "Exactly!  That's what it's all about."


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A Little Change and a Smile Card

Today I visited Walmart during my lunch break. While I was there, I realised I still had a gift card that my husband had given me when we got married. There wasn't much left on the card but sometimes if you are a few cents short at the register then a little bit can mean a lot! 

I asked the cashier if I could leave it for just such an occasion, along with a Smile Card to give the recipient so that they could then do something nice for someone else. She agreed. 

I was happy to help even in this small way.  I know I appreciate it when I need a little change at the register and someone is kind enough to help me.

After all, a little change for the good from everyone can be a big change for the world.


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Stamps With A Smile!

I needed some stamps so I made a trip to the Post Office.
I purchased my stamps inside, and then decided to visit the automated machine to buy an additonal book to leave with a Smile card for someone to find!
Hope it makes their day and gets a big SMILE!

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Little Christmas Surprises for the Little Ones

Today a customer came in with her two little ones.  She had a little boy and a little girl. 

I try to keep little things at my desk to give to the little ones who come in the bank.

For the little boy, I gave some bubbles and the little girl I gave a plastic ring, pink to match her pretty outfit.  They thanked me.  I couldn't hold back my huge smile!

We wished each other Merry Christmas as they left.

It made my day!



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Shelves For Teachers

I work at a title one elementary school. The staff restrooms were drab and lacked a place for teachers to set things down in order to use the restroom. Early on,I overheard teachers talking about skipping an opportunity to use the restroom because there was no place to set things down. I sprang into action and purchased small bookshelves for each staff restroom, assembled and placed them without anyone knowing it was me. I also added paintings I had done to beautify those space. I received not when I noticed teachers were using the shelves!!

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