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Kindness Shown to me as I Battle Depression

--by drjoybug, posted May 10, 2020
As my companion known as depression journeys with me, I find some days easier than others. The most debilitating part for me is the total lack of motivation to do ANYTHING.

Today I talked and texted with many friends. Each of them was so understanding and supportive. None of them dismissed my feelings, they just listened and created a space of comfort for me.
I thanked them all and am so grateful for their presence. Because of their kindness, love, and compassion, I was that I returned to go deep and regain some motivation; I went on a car ride with my dog for about an hour.

Thank you all so very much

My life is blessed by knowing you.

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kvpsummer wrote: Thank you for your sharing and this beautiful quote. May we all hold each other in hard times.
LoveyDovey wrote: I and light to you, my friend. Thank you for sharing.
michelelpurce wrote: i am with you. I love our KS family as they help us so much,. love and prayers from me to you ! :)
mindyjourney wrote: “Some days are diamonds and some days are stones...” John Denver. Glad you are feeling better, my friend.
rajni wrote: Gold bears heat and many strokes of hammer to be a beautiful ornament.

Heart with hope bears many scars and comes through shines bright with never quit attitude.

May God bless you with healthy depression free life and help you keep that way.

reducing stress, such as through meditation, deep breathing exercises, or yoga
improving self-esteem through positive self-affirmations
socializing with others (though this can be challenging with depression)
engaging in activities that the person used to enjoy or attempting to identify new activities that they may be interested in
exercising regularly
eating a balanced diet
asking family or friends for support
joining a support group
dotmatrix wrote: This is what makes us strong. It's what helped me too. I'm so happy you felt supported and a bit better. Much love and big hugs. ♥.
patjos wrote: Just this day x
mish wrote: Day by day 😘

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